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SGA Executive Vice President: Melinda Welch


Although Iím always glad to go home, thereís something about NNU that makes me happy to come back every semester.

Maybe itís the sweet scent of sugar beets caressing my eager nostrils;
maybe itís the late nights spent pouring out my woes to sympathetic roommates;
maybe itís the moment of suspense before the flaming arrow ignites the annual bonfire;
maybe itís the stuffy hubbub of a packed-out theater during Mr. NNU;
maybe itís the blood and sweat of an intramural game;
maybe itís the Dex: that wonderful purveyor of delectable delicacies (I mean food);
maybe itís the camaraderie of fellow students as we tread the hallowed halls of learning;
maybe itís the dirty knees and paint-spattered shoes I get from community serve days;
maybe itís the scratchy feeling in the back of my throat when Iíve been cheering too exuberantly for the ĎSaders;
maybe itís the moments in class when that little light bulb sputters to life in my soggy neural tissue;
maybe itís the ear-bursting passion of band and voices belting out a melody ďlike never before;Ē
maybe itís watching the golden rays of an Idaho sunset streaming through purple cloudsÖ

Whatever the reason, Iím back for one more year; and Iím looking forward to my new role as Executive Vice President!