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SGA Social Vice President: Jessica Whittaker

Hello! My name is Jessica Joy Whittaker and I am super excited to be your Social Vice President this school year.  I love eating ice cream, wearing scarves, soaking in some sunshine, sipping coffee, worshipping Jesus, listening to/playing some music, quality time with my family, visiting the ocean, using nail polish, hanging out with friends, exploring nature, shopping, taking naps, smiling, laughing, eating good food, meeting new people, and being a student at NNU.

Now that you know a little bit about me, Id love to know more about you! So please, come to my office, get some tea or coffee, and chat with me! If you have suggestions or ideas Id love to hear them. I want all events to be reflective of our community that we love so much, and a big part of that is me spending time with you- an essential member of NNU!!