Community Relations Coordinator

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SGA Community Relations Coordinator: Spencer Hassman

As far as the practical stuff is concerned, I'm a junior Pre-Med and Political Science major from all over the U.S. I feel at home when I'm in the damp Willamette air, which I guess makes me a Portland guy at heart; my city of birth, and my current home. I love the outdoors, movies, music, friends, cycling, Star Wars, and french pressed coffee. I'm passionate about experiencing the world, connecting people, and making the love of Christ evident on earth. I'm also pretty much the definition of quirky, which is really good for making friends...

I'm really excited to spark a passion amongst the student body, to promote a sense of call into our city, and to help facilitate the converging identities of Nampa and NNU. In essence, I want our students to love Nampa, and for Nampa to love our students; a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes activity and ministry outside of NNU, as well as an increased significance of NNU as a true part of Nampa.