Campus League Intramural Director

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Campus League Intramural Sports Director: Ryan O'Neill

Hey all, my birth name is Ryan O'Neill. I have had the amazing opportunity of being your Campus League Intramural Director! Basically I run all the intermural sports that happen at the school. I am a youth ministry major, junior, and amateur mermaid hunter. I enjoy basically any sport, but my favorite is soccer, as I have played my whole life. I love meeting people and making new friends. If you see me, don't hesitate to come say hi! You can also come visit me in the office, and we'll talk about life, liberty, and the persuit of why people still eat at Arctic Circle.


Basically next year is gonna be awesome! If you have any questions about what I do, or if you want someone to talk to (I'll most likely always being up something about Hot Rod), find me. Also, if you have any ideas for sports you want to do, I've been known to highly consider things. I'm excited for this year, and all it holds! I look forward to meeting some awesome people, and if you want to see something cool ask me about my chest.