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Athletic Liaison: Sarah Blum

I am a junior English and International Studies major from Moscow and I speak fluent Moscovite and have a nice collection of Russianistic dolls. I'm on the women's soccer team at NNU and I love sports, which is partly why this position fits so well with my life. Watching and cheering on our athletic teams is one of my favorite pastimes. As Athletic Liaison, my goal is to make the fan experience as enjoyable as possible and to create school spirit. In other words, face paint, fist pumping, hoarse throats, and free t shirts are the currency by which Sader Nation achieves awesomeness. Oh, and winning. Who doesn't like winning? Besides winning and competition of every sort, I also enjoy traveling, writing, camping, skiing, quoting Nacho Libre, 'Merica and especially my favorite state IDAHO!, eating, and spending time with my NNU home dogs.