Mission Trip Financial Information

The Costs

Ministry Program Fee: We will keep the cost of our mission trips as low as possible.  Overhead and administrative costs are not included in our mission trip pricing structure.  The cost of each mission trip includes the following: pre-trip training, airfare, ground transportation, lodging, food, ministry supplies, travel health insurance, sponsor costs, incidentals and emergency contingency.    

Travel Immunizations:  Some of our trips will require immunizations. The costs of immunizations are not included in the program fee. We will inform each student of the necessary travel immunizations early on in the process so you can plan.  Each student is responsible for paying for their immunization needs.  If a student has a private insurance policy, they are encouraged to contact the company to see if their policy covers the necessary immunizations.  Depending on what immunizations are needed and/or covered by insurance immunizations can cost anywhere from $100—to $700. 

Passport:  Securing a passport is not cheap.  If you have one, be sure to check that the expiration date is 6 months beyond the date of return from your mission trip.  The cost of a new passport is around $135 plus shipping.  Plan for this early because it can save you money!  Expediting passport services gets expensive. 

Raising Support

Raising support is a key part of preparing to be involved in missions. There are a variety of ways to go about doing this.  Most students combine ways of raising support to pay for their trip as well as help the overall needs off the team

Here are the ways students raise support:

1)    Raising support through friends, family and churches—   One of the opportunities you have is to see God work through those who would like to support you in your mission experience.  All students are expected to participate in raising support. This is an opportunity to build a prayer support network for the mission.  It is also the main way students raise their financial means for the overall expense of the trip. We ask that all students raise support regardless of their financial means.   At the beginning of the spring semester students are provided with the information needed to begin the process of raising support.

Fundraising Letter

Donation Forms

Fundraising policy

2)    Disposable Income— Most students don’t have that much disposable income.  We get this!  However, you might be surprised by how much you could raise if you re-prioritized your entertainment and coffee budgets.

3)    Extra Part-time work—Students have looked for odd jobs and extra part-time work to offset the cost of their mission trips.  You might even ask friends, family or church members if you could help out with various odd jobs. You might also check with NNU’s Career Center for part-time work opportunities.

4)    Group Fundraising Events— Some mission teams plan a group fund-raising event together.  You could plan a bake-sale, concert, dessert, yard-sale, etc.  Talk to eateries about donating a portion of their profits to your cause on a particular night and invite all your friends. Be creative.

5)    Self-Pay— Most students will put forth some of their own money to cover the cost of the trip.  Ultimately each student is responsible to pay for their trip in full.   You will need to make payments throughout the spring semester.  These deadlines will be given to you upon acceptance into the program. If your fund-raising covers the full amount of your program fee, personal funds can be refunded.   Personal funds that exceed the total cost of the trip will be refunded during the summer and after your trip.

6)    Scholarships—We have a very limited amount of money to apply to students trips as scholarship.  These funds are designated for students who have demonstrated financial need, participated wholeheartedly in fund-raising, showed consistent and passionate participation during the mission trip, and have made some personal contributions.  Students are invited to inquire within the Office of Spiritual Formation about the process.