Mission Trips

We are on a mission to listen.  We go to hear the stories of those we encounter.  We go to pay attention to what the needs areóphysical, emotional and spiritual.   

We are on a mission to learn.  We go to learn all we can about culture; the host culture and our own culture.  We go to be taught about how God is working and how we might be invited to participate with God and with the people.   

We are on a mission to serve.  We go with humble hearts that are open to Godís lead and the peopleís invitation to serve.  We go to serve in a way that encourages and supports the long-term hopes of the people and the church.

Iím glad you are here and interested in NNU Missions.  Serving abroad (or domestically) is a spiritually forming and transforming experience.   It is our hope that every NNU student sets foot on foreign soil during their college career.   NNU Missions is one of the ways students can do this.  Our mission trips are much more than a 1-3 week travel experience.  At NNU students, faculty and staff enter cross-cultural contexts on a mission to listen, learn and serve.  Youíll have opportunities to join God in what God is already doing around the world.  Our teams travel to different parts of the world to serve alongside missionaries and local leaders.   Past short-term NNU mission teams served in Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Peru, Taiwan, New York City and Vancouver BC. We focus on building relationships and serving in ways that support the ongoing work of the church.  I hope you will consider joining us this year in a journey of a lifetime.

Julene Tegerstrand, Director of Student Ministries

Office: Elmore Hall
Email: jtegerstrand(at)nnu.edu
Phone: 208-467-8338