Registration Procedure

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Friday, Aug. 23

Step 1 - Check in at the Brandt Center

  • Review the Temporary Registration Permit. If you have missing items, these must be submitted to the Admissions Office immediately.
  • Pay your student account at the Business Office Station in the Brandt Center. You are not officially enrolled until you have a schedule and you have made payment to your student account or have arranged for payment.
  • Have your NNU ID picture taken at the ID Card Station, in the Brandt Center on Friday, or in Technology & Media Resources after Friday. ID cards are required for meals beginning Saturday.
  • Submit Health Form and Immunization Form to Wellness Center personnel. If forms were previously submitted, check with Wellness Center personnel to confirm receipt.

Step 2 - Move into your dorm room

  • Don't have a housing assignment? Check in with the Student Development office, located upstairs in the Student Center.

Step 3 - Get your NNU Post Office Box

  • Confirm Post Office Box Number. You must go to the NNU Post Office in the Student Center to confirm your PO box number and obtain a key or combination. Check with the Post Office if you have not been assigned a PO box.

Monday, Aug. 26

Step 4 - Academic Orientation

  • Required sessions help you access the network system, e-mail, academic resources, library services, etc. See page 09 in the Orientation Booklet. Be sure to bring a pen, pencil, your orientation packet, and class schedule.

Step 5 - Course scheduling and advising

  • Mandatory meeting with your Academic Advisor. Find your location by major. See locations on page 10 in the orientation booklet. 
  • If you want to change your major, go to the assigned room of your old major. Pick up your official advisor's yellow schedule copy and go to the room of your new major. If the advisor approves the pre-registration schedule, nothing more needs to be done. 
  • If the advisor wants to make schedule changes from the pre-registration schedule, these will be done on a drop/add form. The advisor must sign the drop/add form. The student must return the form to the Registrar's Office, Emerson Administration Building, room 10. If you do not have a schedule, the advisor will assist in the schedule design and approval. The student must return the form to the Registrar's Office, Emerson Administration Building, room 10.