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The Challenge

"Challenge by Choice" is the motto of NNU's Challenge Course programming and means participants need to feel a sense of ownership in their experience, thus choosing not only to participate in each course activity, but trusting their team to aid in the success of the process.

The Course 

The course itself consists of two element domains.

The Lows
The low elements provide opportunities for trust building as the "ground rules" are set for the overall experience.

The Highs
The high elements, like the low elements, consist of ropes and cables, but are strategically placed on a 50-foot pole structure, called "The Tower."  The Tower houses several high elements, including a rope swing, rappelling wall, and a tire climb.

NNU Challenge

All NNU Challenge Course adventures are led by highly-trained and dedicated facilitators -- who not only know how to navigate participants through the course itself, but also how to navigate them through life's everyday challenges.