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Social Service & Non-Profit Agencies

The philosophical foundation of the Challenge/ Ropes Course originated out of the Outward Bound movement. One of the pioneers of this 1920’s movement, German Educator Kurt Hahn, founded experiential education, the “learning by doing” model, and established The Salem School in Germany. Hahn believed a student or participant’s best learning experiences often happened beyond the traditional classroom / office setting and could be realized in varied environments. Criteria included: meeting standards in a range of athletic events; completing an expedition by sea or land; completing self-selected, long-term projects of skill and research; showing evidence of preparation for some form of public service.

Imagine social workers, therapists, counselors and other helping professionals coming alongside an at-risk community of single parents, foster children, blended families, etc., to offer a series of family-oriented activities in a non-threatening and fun outdoor setting. It can happen at the NNU Challenge Course.

For example, one such trust-building activity is the low ropes course element, the “Log Walk”. The family or group is encouraged to spot the team member who is crossing the log to prevent a potential fall and to complete the task. The log is a metaphor for life difficulties and problem areas and how everyone in the family is needed (including the helping profession community) to work together in overcoming unstable life challenges.

Another example of reaching out to the community is through a series of high ropes elements housed on the course’s 50-foot tower. A participant is strapped to a roped harness and proceeds to climb one of the tower routes to the top. The success of this exercise lies with not only the participant but also the supportive belay team that has the lifeline rope in their hands to aid and, if necessary, break a fall during the 50-foot journey to the tower platform. Picture the positive outcomes of a troubled teen, or family needing support services and discovering NNU Challenge Course internship programs and a local social service agency partnering together to offer mentoring, life skill development, conflict resolution activities, etc…

The above scenarios are just a taste of what NNU Challenge Course adventure programming offers agencies, clinics, or social service institutes. We desire to custom fit a program agenda that meets group or individual needs. Options range from experiential games and initiatives brought to your setting through our mobile adventure based program, to our on site high ropes tower experience on the NNU Nampa campus.