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Health & Medical Care Entities

The philosophical foundation of the challenge/ropes course originated out of the Outward Bound movement. One of the pioneers of this 1920’s movement, German educator Kurt Hahn, established the Salem School in Germany and founded experiential education, the “learning by doing” model. Hahn believed a student or participant’s best learning experiences often happened beyond the traditional classroom or office setting and could be realized in varied environments. Criteria included meeting standards in a range of athletic events, completing an expedition by sea or land, achieving self-selected, long-term projects of skill and research, and showing evidence of preparation for public service.

The health care professional community has historically maintained a standard of excellence in patient or client rehabilitation services. It is in this historic context of excellence and rehabilitation that an integrated rehabilitation treatment model can be introduced between Challenge Course programming and health care services

One series of trust-building activities on the Challenge Course addresses the topic of physical/medical limitations in a group dynamic. Outdoor games, initiatives, and low elements using blind-folds require participants to problem solve an assignment without the use of sight and verbal communication.

Added simulated disabilities may be assigned to participants throughout the activity, such as limited use of a body extremity (leg or arm). These metaphoric exercises teach groups and individuals intrapersonal skills in empathy and respect towards those with physical and medical disabilities.

Another example of identifying and empowering our disabled and rehabilitating community is through the high element cable swing. Picture a participant hooked into a series of cables, hoisted by their team members 30 to 40 feet above the ground, and then given the opportunity to trip a release that sends them flying effortlessly high above the cheering team below!

The above scenarios are just a taste of what NNU’s Challenge Course adventure programming offers medical and health care institutes. The Challenge Course adventure is designed to custom-fit a program agenda that meets group or individual needs. Options range from the NNU on-site high ropes tower experience to a mobile adventure-based program of experiential games and initiatives.