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The philosophical foundation of the Challenge/ Ropes Course originated out of the Outward Bound movement.  One of its pioneers was the German educator, Kurt Hahn. Hahn founded experiential education, the “learning by doing” model, and established The Salem School in Germany.

Hahn believed a student / participant’s best learning experiences often happen beyond the traditional classroom / office setting and can be realized in varied environments. Criteria included: Meeting standards in a range of athletic events; completing an expedition by sea or land; completing self-selected, long-term projects of skill and research; and showing evidence of preparation for some form of public service.

The business and corporate world also holds to a set of criteria for employees to follow. And within the context set by these criteria, human relationships must thrive in order for businesses to succeed. NNU’s Challenge Course provides a positive setting to develop work relationships. Every Challenge Course activity, whether it be the lower element “whale watch” or the high element “cable swing”, incorporates healthy relationship building into the business group experience. Furthermore, every activity requires team members to work creatively together to find success individually and as a group.

For example, a popular Challenge Course exercise is called “Three Peaks”. The object of the exercise is for group participants to move from platform” A” to point “C” without touching the ground. The group is given two lengths of board to complete the task. To step off the board is to fall into “the pit of poor business ethics and employee dissatisfaction”. The metaphor of the pit can be translated into other business scenarios, as well. Thus, it is only through teamwork, individual reasoning and decision making that the group finds success.

The NNU Challenge Course can be designed to custom fit your business’ group or individual needs. Options range from experiential games and initiatives brought to your setting using our mobile adventure-based program to our on- site high ropes tower experience at the NNU campus in Nampa.