Church & Faith-Based Communities

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Church & Faith- Based Communities

“ The name of the Lord is a strong tower,
the righteous run to it and are safe.”
   Proverbs 18:10

What does NNU’s Challenge Course programming and the Christian community have in common? Both involve faith and life-changing experiences.The philosophical foundation of the Challenge/ Ropes Course originated out of the Outward Bound movement. One of the pioneers of this 1920’s movement, German Educator Kurt Hahn, founded experiential education, the “learning by doing” model. Hahn believed students learned best when experiences occurred beyond the traditional classroom setting, or, in this case, the traditional church setting.

Therefore, visualize a youth group, an adult Sunday School class, or a faith-based committee coming together for a team-building exercise called “The Wall”. Success in the activity is not necessarily based on skill, competency, physical ability, etc., but on everyone working together in a spirit of cooperation to reach a common goal: crossing over a 20-foot barrier. Or, how about this exercise, “Smaug’s Jewels”, which comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit. Like the hobbits who risked life and limb to obtain the jewels from Smaug, the terrible cave monster, this exercise requires participants to risk much to obtain treasures of wisdom (applied knowledge) to usher them and others into the eternal Kingdom of God. 

Another activity that requires group trust and cooperation is on the Challenge Course high ropes elements. Participants are strapped to a roped harness and proceed to climb a series of  tower routes.  The success of this exercise lies not only with the participant, but also with the supportive belay team that has the “lifeline” rope in their hands to aid and, if necessary, break a fall during their journey to the top of the 50-foot tower. It’s a powerful analogy of how the Church and faith communities must work together in extending the lifeline of the Gospel to one another and to our communities.

The above scenarios are just a taste of what  NNU Challenge Course adventure programming offers church and faith-based agencies. We desire to custom fit a program agenda that meets group or individual needs. Options range from experiential games and initiatives brought to your setting through our mobile adventure-based program, to our on-site high ropes tower experience on the NNU Nampa campus.