Contract with MBS Direct for Textbooks

In an effort to provide competitive textbook costs and convenient purchase options for students without sacrificing on curriculum selection for faculty, NNU is pleased to announce the university has contracted with MBS Direct to supply the university’s books beginning fall semester 2014. MBS Direct is a division of the largest used textbook wholesaler in the nation with an inventory of over 7 million volumes. They sell and rent new and used texts and support digital platforms on a variety of devices with convenient buy-back options for students.

Now, this agreement between NNU and MBS is only for textbooks. Apparel and other merchandise carried by the NNU Bookstore can still be bought online, but not through the new MBS Direct, textbook portion of the online store. Detailed below are the two online locations for each of the types of merchandise sold by the NNU Bookstore.

For Summer Session textbooks, apparel, drinkware and other merchandise, follow the link below.

NNU Bookstore (Retail) →

For Fall/Spring Semester textbook purchasing and ordering, follow the link below beginning July 21.

NNU Bookstore (MBS Direct) →