It’s time to launch this rocket!!

We were at the launch site early in the morning. We got to see a great sunrise!

We are really really close to the rocket!!

In this picture about, you can see how close we are too the rocket. Our NNU team is in that line of students!!!

This is the rocket losing its first stage and the second stage starting. If you look closely, you can actually see the first stage just left of the smoke. We got to watch it fall all the way into the water!!

Green lights mean that the experiment turned on!!!

Next, we took the canister apart to check on our payload. Looks like everything survived!

Looks like the superhydrophobic boxes survived the launch. We will do further testing at NNU.

After the launch, NASA took us all out for a great dinner!! Yes, that is a fillet, and crab stuffed lobster :)

NNU 2012 RockSat

June 23, 2012 by