Hey everyone! We flew into Washington DC and then drove 4 hours to Chincoteague Island to our hotel. It was a great trip but we got to work as soon as we arrived!

Working in the hotel preparing our payload.

We met up with Harding University who we are sharing a canister with. We then had to integrate our two payloads together. They fit together perfect!!

This is our canister!!

After we combined payloads, we had to go through several tests to make sure our payload was ready to fly. They checked our electronics and made sure we had the correct weight.

19.80 lbs. Perfect!!!

The next day we went onto Wallops to put the rocket together and go through a spin test and a vibration test.

The team with the skin of our rocket. We like the NNU red!

Lookin’ cool as we stand under an older rocket.

We aren’t having any fun at all here at Wallops…..

NASA engineers putting our canister in the rocket.

Putting the nose-cone onto the rocket.

Our rocket going through a vibration test. Nothing broke and everything stayed together!!

The team with the rocket!

June 16, 2012 by