Here is a picture of the payload so far:

Here are SolidWorks drawings of what the boxes containing the SH material will look like:

April 10, 2012 by

SEM pics

Here are some SEM pictures of the superhydrophobic material we took at BSU this last week!

We were really excited to get these pictures! The SH material is made of diatomaceous earth. This is the “shell” like structures that are seen in the SEMs. We will compare these images with ones we will take after the flight to see if the rocket causes any structural damage to the surface.

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We are preparing our experiment for the Rocket Launch this summer! We just got the superhydrophobic material in the mail from John Simpson at Oak Ridge National Laboratory last week!

Using these plates of SH material, we will make the box to store the water during the launch.

Our electrical system is also coming along well:

Above is a picture of the Arduino board and the chips we will be sending up. All we have left to do is integrate the Arduino with the chips and finish up the code. Excited to get that done!

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