It’s time to launch this rocket!!

We were at the launch site early in the morning. We got to see a great sunrise!

We are really really close to the rocket!!

In this picture about, you can see how close we are too the rocket. Our NNU team is in that line of students!!!

This is the rocket losing its first stage and the second stage starting. If you look closely, you can actually see the first stage just left of the smoke. We got to watch it fall all the way into the water!!

Green lights mean that the experiment turned on!!!

Next, we took the canister apart to check on our payload. Looks like everything survived!

Looks like the superhydrophobic boxes survived the launch. We will do further testing at NNU.

After the launch, NASA took us all out for a great dinner!! Yes, that is a fillet, and crab stuffed lobster :)

NNU 2012 RockSat

June 23, 2012 by

Day before flight!

Our team giving a presentation to the RockOn group. We described our payload and encouraged the teams to make their own payload next year.

Team picture at Wallops.

NASA gave us a tour and showed us the brand new Antares rocket that is set to launch this August! This was the last day people would be able to visit the rocket before it was prepared for its flight. It was really awesome!!

Here is the our rocket on the launch pad. You can still see our signatures!

Trying to look cool with a rocket in the background…

Having too much fun here at Wallops!

Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Parke with our rocket.

Lookin’ good.

Team picture with the rocket!

June 21, 2012 by

Ready to Launch!

Our payload is now out of our hands and ready to be launched on the rocket!

After the vibration and spin test, we got our payloads back and prepared for the final tests before our canister became rocket ready.

Here is our canister’s final weigh-in. We are the perfect weight!

We are officially certified to launch!!!!

Ben and Seth are happy to be allowed to launch our experiments!!

Our team with our canister partners, Harding University.

Our team.

Our completed canister!!!

Final integration into the rocket.

After the rocket has been put together, NASA allowed us all to sign the rocket! It was really cool!


June 19, 2012 by


Hey everyone! We flew into Washington DC and then drove 4 hours to Chincoteague Island to our hotel. It was a great trip but we got to work as soon as we arrived!

Working in the hotel preparing our payload.

We met up with Harding University who we are sharing a canister with. We then had to integrate our two payloads together. They fit together perfect!!

This is our canister!!

After we combined payloads, we had to go through several tests to make sure our payload was ready to fly. They checked our electronics and made sure we had the correct weight.

19.80 lbs. Perfect!!!

The next day we went onto Wallops to put the rocket together and go through a spin test and a vibration test.

The team with the skin of our rocket. We like the NNU red!

Lookin’ cool as we stand under an older rocket.

We aren’t having any fun at all here at Wallops…..

NASA engineers putting our canister in the rocket.

Putting the nose-cone onto the rocket.

Our rocket going through a vibration test. Nothing broke and everything stayed together!!

The team with the rocket!

June 16, 2012 by


Here is a picture of the payload so far:

Here are SolidWorks drawings of what the boxes containing the SH material will look like:

April 10, 2012 by

SEM pics

Here are some SEM pictures of the superhydrophobic material we took at BSU this last week!

We were really excited to get these pictures! The SH material is made of diatomaceous earth. This is the “shell” like structures that are seen in the SEMs. We will compare these images with ones we will take after the flight to see if the rocket causes any structural damage to the surface.

April 10, 2012 by


We are preparing our experiment for the Rocket Launch this summer! We just got the superhydrophobic material in the mail from John Simpson at Oak Ridge National Laboratory last week!

Using these plates of SH material, we will make the box to store the water during the launch.

Our electrical system is also coming along well:

Above is a picture of the Arduino board and the chips we will be sending up. All we have left to do is integrate the Arduino with the chips and finish up the code. Excited to get that done!

April 10, 2012 by