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Missional Discipleship: Partners in God's Redemptive MissionLooking for a last-minute gift idea for the theologian in your life? Or maybe you’re the theologian and your family needs some gift ideas from you!

Consider this: Books published by faculty in Northwest Nazarene University’s School of Theology & Christian Ministries.

Several of my colleagues and I have had new books published in the past year—or we have titles coming out soon. This not only demonstrates our commitment to ongoing scholarship—it also underscores our dedication to growing and to learning so that we can lead others. In fact our faculty are among the most published in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.

Our students benefit from our success—and also from our alumni. Often, our former students are making contributions to our scholarly efforts, as seen through their chapter contributions. These are the kinds of opportunities that could await you as a prospective student.

So if you need a gift—or you’re hoping to receive a great gift—check out these recent books from some of my NNU colleagues:

  • Missional Discipleship: Partners in God’s Redemptive Mission: Dr. Mark Maddix and I co-edited this book, along with contributions from our colleagues Dr. Thomas Oord, Dr. Richard Thompson, and Dr. Joe Gorman; guest faculty member Dr. Dana Hicks; and former students Teanna Sunberg and Andy Ervin. We explore questions like, “Where does discipleship end and evangelism begin? How does one fit with the other?” Great for personal or small-group study.
  • Free Will in Philosophical Theology: My colleague Dr. Kevin Timpe recently published this book, which takes the most recent philosophical work on free will and uses it to explore a variety of theological doctrines involving free will.
  • Virtues and Their Vices: Keep your eye out for this title, which was edited by Dr. Timpe and our former NNU colleague Dr. Craig Boyd. Oxford University Press will publish this collection of essays in virtue theory in 2014. An overview of the project can be found here.
  • Pastoral Practices: A Wesleyan Paradigm: Our dean teamed up with NNU’s Dr. Diane Leclerc for this book, which is a guide to help pastors draw on the insights of Wesleyan theology and incorporate them into their ministries. Other contributors include guest faculty members Dr. Jeff Crosno, Phil Hamner, Dr. Dana Hicks, Jon Middendorf, Dr. Carol Rotz, Dr. Nell Becker Sweeden, and former student Paul Willis.
  • Nazarenes Exploring Evolution: My colleague Dr. Thomas Jay Oord co-edited this brand-new project in the theology and science dialogue with former student Sherri Walker. It includes contributions from my colleagues Dr. Joe Bankard, Dr. Mark Maddix, and Prof. Stephen Riley; as well as a collection of essays from current student Trent Friberg and former students John Dally and Grant Miller. In this case, I hope you’ll judge a book by its cover, since I designed it!
  • Created to Worship: The Invitation to be Fully Human: This past year, my colleague Dr. Brent Peterson published this outstanding resource for crafting a meaningful worship services and appreciating their theological significance.
  • New Beacon Bible Commentary: My New Testament colleague Dr. Richard Thompson recently completed his commentary on the book of Acts in one of the newest volumes of the New Beacon Bible Commentary series. Watch for this engaging, indispensable reference tool to help you in your study and meditation of Scripture.
Jay Akkerman

Jay Akkerman

If you’d like to learn with the kind of outstanding people featured above, I encourage you to apply now.

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