Value your MA/MDiv? Then Encourage Others to Get Theirs


Take a look around you—your church, your business, your community. Do you see someone with the gifts for being an outstanding pastor? Someone who is ripe for deepening his or her spiritual life? Have you ever raised that possibility with them? If so, a fully online Master of Divinity or Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree from Northwest Nazarene University might be the perfect fit!

Perhaps you’ve already earned your seminary degree. Perhaps there is someone right under your nose—like a volunteer, a staff person, a youth minister, or even a family member—who might benefit from such a degree. Or maybe you’ve thought about it but didn’t want to suggest it because, frankly, you were afraid you’d lose that person’s giftedness through a required relocation.

The great thing about the fully online, non-residential programs offered through Northwest Nazarene University’s School of Theology & Christian Ministries is that you don’t have to lose that person. These students can continue the work they’re already doing in—but their ministries will be greatly enhanced by their NNU education—even before they graduate!

I’ve seen this in my own church, Nampa First Church of the Nazarene. Nate Roskam was the church’s youth pastor when he decided to earn his MDiv degree through NNU. He graduated in 2009 and has since expanded his role at First Church as “Pastor to Students and Their Families.” I’m grateful that Nate saw his way back to the classroom because his decision has positively impacted my family and many others.

Nate Roskam

Nate Roskam

Because of Nate, my three daughters have a heightened desire to serve. He also helped them recognize the importance of relationships—with God and with others—and in the authentic sharing of our lives and community. It’s been a powerful thing, especially for my oldest daughter, who is now a senior in high school.

So maybe a graduate theology degree isn’t for you right now. But I do hope you’ll take a look around and encourage someone you admire, respect or even love to pursue an MDiv or MA through NNU’s fully online programs.

In fact, have them e-mail me directly. I’m happy to answer their questions.

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