Apply What You Learn Before You Graduate From NNU


NNU CampusGraduation day. It’s important, to be sure. But at Northwest Nazarene University’s School of Theology & Christian Ministries, you’ll begin applying what you’re learning—even while you’re still learning.

At NNU, we strive to compress the gap between theory and practice. This kind of active learning takes many shapes at NNU. Some professors, for example, may give students opportunities to publish as part of their coursework. That might mean writing a chapter in a textbook your professor is writing or editing.

Medical schools have long recognized the importance of active learning. You wouldn’t think of trusting a surgeon with a fresh M.D. degree hanging on the wall who has never used a scalpel before. Just like students in medical school, NNU students put their studies into action during their coursework.

Another example: Our online Master of Divinity and Master of Arts students aren’t just “playing church” by preaching to their classmates and professors. Instead, we actually share streaming video of them preaching in their own worship contexts—whether that’s in Manhattan, NY or Manhattan, KS.

Another way NNU helps students bring their online learning into life before they graduate is through our mentorship program. You’ll select a mentor from your own context—a person who will journey with you, who understands ministry in your part of the world, who will advocate for you, and who will listen and advise. Your mentor (who might even be an NNU alum) will continually challenge you to apply what you’re learning within your ministry context. You’ll identify your mentor during your first course. From your second course onward, you’ll meet with your mentor at least once during each course.

Whether you’re online or face-to-face, NNU is always heart-to-heart. You need an education that prepares your ministry in the here-and-now. Don’t wait until you graduate to get started. Become an active learner at NNU today!

To learn more about NNU’s distinctive approach to learning, watch the video below. Or request more information by completing this short form.

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