Here’s What Online Learning Looks Like at NNU


MAorMDiv-blog6It makes sense to pursue your graduate degree online through Northwest Nazarene University’s School of Theology & Christian Ministries. Answer God’s calling—without stepping out of your life entirely. But what does online learning actually look like? Let me show you around some of our online classrooms…

First, you’ll log in. Don’t worry. You’ll learn to navigate our online learning management system, during “On-Ramp,” our tuition-free, two-week orientation that’s offered before your coursework. And relax: You don’t have to log in at a prescribed time each day. You decide when to participate in class each day—whether it’s while your baby is napping, your daughter is at soccer practice, after you finish writing your Sunday sermon, or before your next board meeting.

So what do you see on your computer screen after logging in? That varies. Many of our lectures are in streaming video form, so you’ll see a professor talking about a particular topic while referencing a PowerPoint or some other media presentation. At other times, you might listen to an audio lecture. And in another course, some lecture content might be in a written format, such as an article or a book chapter. Or you may be directed to listen to a podcast, read an article online, or explore and discuss web content centered on a related topic.

Regardless, our constant expectation is that you’re involved in discussions with your professors and colleagues by sharing comments, opinions, and questions. You’ll submit your responses in our threaded discussion forums, so you’ll have plenty of time to formulate your thoughts and then weigh in confidently. At NNU, we like to say everybody has a front row seat in an online class because everyone is involved in the discussion.

In many of our courses, professors offer the option of live video chats so you can “meet” your colleagues who live across the country, and even around the world. You might participate, for example, in a conversation with an author of one of your textbooks. Because of the time differences, we make these events optional—but they are always recorded and accessible if you’re unable to participate when they’re happening. It’s another benefit of online education that simply is not possible in traditional face-to-face seminaries.

It’s also important that you know:

1: Your course content at NNU is always fresh.  Lectures are relevant and current—not something your professor recorded back in the 1990s.

2: You’ll have papers and projects, but no exams. You’ll have a due date for your work, of course. But you’ll go at your own pace, logging in and weighing in each day when it works best for you.

3: We’re real, live people. Yes, while our delivery mode is online, your learning at NNU is very personal. You’ll be interacting with actual human beings—professors and colleagues who are learning with you. You’re not just viewing and responding to content without any in-depth interaction. At NNU, your online Master of Divinity or Master of Arts degree is not merely a correspondence course.

Interested? Apply NOW to pursue your online graduate degree in theology at NNU. Enroll in our next On-Ramp orientation and “kick the tires.” Our next one starts October 5, so apply today!


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