Spotlight: NNU’s Master of Arts Programs


On Ramp NNUNorthwest Nazarene University’s Master of Arts fully online programs are perfect for those who are testing the ministry waters, seeking personal spiritual development, or wanting to add more tools to their spiritual toolkit.

So why pursue one of five Master of Arts degrees from Northwest Nazarene University’s School of Theology & Christian Ministries? There are many reasons. Here are just a few….

First, NNU’s programs are fully online with no residential requirements. With more than a decade of experience in graduate theological online education, we know what busy adult learners appreciate. For one, they love our one-course-at-a-time approach. Instead of juggling several courses—and professors—at once, you’ll focus in on just one course and one professor during an eight-week session.

At NNU, you’ll progress through your studies with a learning community of other adult students. As you travel through your program with these same colleagues, you’ll learn together, share struggles and celebrate victories—both big and small. Through this supportive community, you’ll establish lifelong connections with other adult learners. This collegial approach is very different from the competitive kind so many other graduate students feel.

NNU’s Master of Arts tracks enable students to focus on one area that interests them deeply, including foundational courses in Bible, theology, history, and philosophy that support that particular discipline. Our Master of Arts: Pastoral Ministry degree can be earned in five semesters, while all of our other M.A. tracks can be completed in just four. Specialize in one of the following Master of Arts degree tracks that best interests you:

Since our programs are fully online, you’ll learn with people all over the world. Roughly ten percent of our online graduate students live outside North America, adding to a cultural and theological diversity that rivals most traditional theological programs. Over the years, we’ve had students from Russia to Argentina—and even a remote South Pacific island! Take a look at how our students and alumni are spread across the world.

Depending on the program, nearly all of NNU’s Master of Arts degrees can be completed in as little as 21 months—plus, you’ll have your summers off! At NNU, none of our Master of Arts programs require a thesis; your course work fulfills all degree requirements. Here’s another great part: if you love your studies and want to keep going, you can switch to our Master of Divinity degree without losing any ground at all.

Here’s one final reason to get started: NNU’s online “On-Ramp” orientation is geared to get adult students ready for graduate theological online education. This two-week online orientation is required in all programs, but here’s the best part: it’s tuition free to all admitted students. Apply today, then “kick the tires” and see if our program fits your dreams and needs. You have nothing to lose!

Request more information or contact us if you’d like to learn more about earning a Master of Arts degree online from Northwest Nazarene University. New learning communities are launching soon.

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