Here’s What’s Great about NNU’s MDiv


You’ve heard God’s call and you’re clear: You want to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. So what’s special about the MDiv at Northwest Nazarene University’s School of Theology & Christian Ministries?


The MDiv has long been the gold standard for ministry preparation, whether you’re seeking ordination as a pastor, associate, chaplain, or missionary in your particular tradition.

While many MDivs at face-to-face seminaries require as many as 100 semester credits and can take 5-6 years to complete, Northwest Nazarene University’s MDiv is much leaner at just 74 credits. By taking just one course at a time, NNU students can complete their MDiv in 4½ years. And at NNU, our Master of Divinity degree is fully online with no residential requirements.

Rather than juggling multiple courses and professors across a long semester, NNU MDiv students focus on just one eight-week course at a time. It’s intense—but we’ve discovered that busy adult students prefer to center their attention around one set of assignments before moving on.

You’ll start your studies with a cohort, or “learning community,” as we call them at NNU. The value of this model is that students progress through their studies with other adult colleagues, fostering deeper connections and creating a supportive community for discovery. You’ll learn and grow, struggle and triumph—together. It’s a collegial approach to education, compared with a competitive one. You’ll be collaborating with your fellow adult learners and have a sense that you’re in this together—because you are!

Since NNU’s programs are entirely online, you’ll learn with people from all over. And since roughly 10 percent of our students come from outside North America, it’s likely you’ll learn with colleagues from other parts of the world. Your studies will be enriched as you learn to appreciate the perspectives of colleagues in places like Russia, Argentina, or even a remote South Pacific island. This adds a rich dynamic to your learning.

Our MDiv students spend five semesters with one learning community during their pastoral ministry core, and four semesters with another learning community during their emphasis.

You’ll choose from the following degree tracks:

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May 2013