Spotlight on NNU Professor Jeffrey Lineman

Jeffrey Lineman, Professor of Management and Management Information Systems at Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) knows first hand what online learning is all about. When it came time to pursue his Ph.D., he chose an online program.
Professor Lineman

Professor Lineman

“I greatly appreciated the opportunity to complete the work at my pace and in my schedule,” says Dr. Lineman, who began his online studies while a full-time professor. “I had a lot of flexibility in how and when I completed the assignments.”

Because of his own background as an online learner, Dr. Lineman says he is much more cognizant of the difficulty his online business students may have bridging their academic and professional worlds.

It’s that care and concern for students that sets NNU’s online MBA program apart from others, he believes.

“We have used the phrase, ‘You can get a degree anywhere, but if you want an education, come to NNU’ and I really believe that is true,” he says. “NNU is about more than content mastery. It is about the whole student, about preparing students for their future employability as well as their current positions.”

Just as is true in the physical classroom, NNU’s virtual learners also get to know each other well—and even develop lifelong friendships.

Dr. Lineman, who specializes in teaching management, MIS, computer applications, and organizational behavior courses, has been at NNU since 2000. He remains at NNU all these years later because of the “wonderful things” the institution is doing to remain viable in the face of the changes in higher education.

“NNU has quality, which is evidenced by our accreditation. NNU has value as evidenced by our alumni and the businesses that hire our graduates. NNU is as much about being in community as the content provided in the classes.”

Students, he says, “are much more than an ID number.”

“The NNU faculty are concerned about the whole student. And as a Christian university, we are not restricted from praying for and with our students.”

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