Spotlight on NNU Professor Pete Crabb

Peter R. Crabb, Ph.D.

Peter R. Crabb, Ph.D.

Pete Crabb applied to more than 100 colleges and universities after earning his Ph.D. in Financial Economics. The colleges and universities that responded to his application were all faith-based institutions.

“I thought that was a calling,” he says. “I’d never heard the Lord tell me, ‘You should teach at a Christinan school,’ but those were the doors He opened. He worked His will in His own way.”

The school that won out was Northwest Nazarene University (NNU).

“I was blown away by the students and their passion for learning and love of the Lord,” says Dr. Crabb, a professor of Finance and Economics at NNU. “The students made me want to come here.”

He is one of the professors who also teach online through NNU’s fully online MBA program. He brings not only a background in academia, but a background in the corporate world, too.

“I’m a mixed breed,” jokes Dr. Crabb, who also writes a column for the Idaho Statesman.

He was working as CFO for a sports group company and working on his MBA at the University of Colorado at Boulder when one of his professors suggested he pursue a doctorate.

He and his wife and two young children moved to Oregon so he could earn his Ph.D. in Financial Economics at the University of Oregon. “It turned out to be a real blessing,” he says.

His 13 years at NNU have been “terrific,” he says, “because of the students we get here.”

“We get students who want their faculty member to integrate their faith into their teaching. They want ethics and moral philosophy to be part of everything. Ethics is a part of every course. It’s not a sideshow to us.”

That Christian worldview also shows up another way, Dr. Crabb says: “We care. We care about student success.”

If Dr. Crabb sounds like the type of professor you’d like for your online MBA studies, apply to NNU now. You could be prepared for ethical leadership in as little as 16 months.

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