Not Nazarene? No Problem at NNU

Brenda G. Johnson, D.B.A.

Brenda G. Johnson, D.B.A.

While you’re exploring Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) as the place to pursue your online MBA, you might be wondering if you have to be a Nazarene to apply to NNU.

The answer: Absolutely not.

Northwest Nazarene University is a Christian university, grounded in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. We require our professors to subscribe to the Wesleyan perspective as well. But when it comes to our students, people of all faith—and those with no faith—are welcome. We’re inclusive, yet definitive, in what we believe.

While our professors are Christian, they don’t preach in the classroom. How they demonstrate their faith varies. For some, it is devotional. For others, it’s applying the Christian worldview to subject matter. For others, it shows up in conversation and in the general care of students.

For students who are Christian, they appreciate having the freedom to express their faith in class. For those who aren’t Christian, they have an opportunity to expand their understanding of the Christian faith. Everyone is encouraged to express their views, Christian or not, as long as good etiquette is observed.

Through your online MBA studies at NNU, you’ll be prepared to be an ethical leader. Of course you can be an ethical leader without being a Christian. But at NNU, our faith, the Bible and Jesus Christ serve as the legs of our ethical footstool.

If you’re looking for a fully ACBSP-accredited MBA program that aims to prepare you for ethical leadership in as little as 16 months, we invite you to complete this brief request for more information. Also, please follow us on Facebook.

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