5 Tips to Make Time for Your Online NNU MBA


NNU FamilyIt may feel daunting to figure out how to make time to pursue your online MBA through Northwest Nazarene University (NNU). After all, on average our students spend 16 hours a week on their studies, whether that’s reading course materials, writing papers, or logging in to participate in class discussions. That’s why we’ve created 5 Tips to help you:

  1. Make room on your plate: If you’re adding in something as significant as an MBA, then something else in your life has to give. Look at the 24 hours you have in a day and figure out what can go.
  2. Take advantage of your commute: If you’re not behind the wheel, but have travel time, whether you’re carpooling or flying for a business trip, use that time for study time.
  3. Improve your skills. Reading and typing fast can significantly reduce your study time. Search online for websites and software programs that can help you. One site, typingweb.com, offers free and fun ways to improve your keyboarding skills. To increase your reading and comprehension, take a look at the software offered at www.7speedreading.com. You’ll also want to make sure you’re up to speed on Word and Excel. Ideally, you’ll want to improve your reading and keyboarding skills before you begin your MBA studies.
  4. Bring your family into the equation. Having your family’s support is critical to succeeding at NNU. Have a family meeting and ask for their input. Together, decide on an ideal time for you to work on your studies—and then ask not to be disturbed during that time. When you graduate, everyone will celebrate! And you’ll have set an incredible example for your family.
  5. Make space. If you can have a space in your home for all of your materials—books, papers, computer, etc.—you’ll save time and have more success at focusing in on your studies. Create a study nook in the attic, the basement, under a stairwell—or clean up a spare bedroom.

Bonus Tips

  • Bonus tip #1: If possible, come to commencement each year before you graduate. It will prove as a powerful motivator to finish your degree.
  • Bonus tip #2: At NNU, you’ll have classmates all over the country and even around the world who are experiencing challenges, too. Turn to them when the going gets tough.
  • Bonus tip #3: Keep inspirational quotes handy. Snag them off of Facebook. Search for them on the web. Turn to the Bible. Here’s a good one: In God, all things are possible.

Remember, at NNU, we want you to succeed. Success starts first with your application. We’re here to offer you support and encouragement. Let us know how we can help.

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