“International Experience” Adds Value to NNU MBA

NNU MBA Candidate Scott Jacobsen in Budapest.

NNU MBA candidate Scott Jacobsen is pictured on the citadel in Budapest, overlooking the Danube River.

For 20 years, Scott Jacobsen has longed to return to Europe, which he visited through a month-long exchange program while a high school student in Nampa. That’s why he was excited to learn he could visit the region again as part of his MBA studies at Northwest Nazarene University (NNU).

Students pursuing the MBA are required to take “Managing in a Global Economy.” They can take the course online or in a traditional classroom—or they can take the “International Experience” and study abroad. That’s the option Jacobsen chose, making his dream of returning to Europe a reality.

March 23-31, Jacobsen was one of 18 people who went to Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Zurich and Lucerne through the NNU program. He also took advantage of an extended trip to Switzerland, which went through April 3.

NNU’s Dr. R.G. Vanderpool led the trip. Dr. Ron Galloway was the classroom professor, meeting regularly with, and giving assignments to, students who were taking the “International Experience.”

“I think it’s a unique aspect of the MBA program,” says Jacobsen, 36, who will complete his MBA later this year. “People are surprised and impressed when I explain it’s part of the MBA program—optional, but available and encouraged.”

Jacobsen says there was a lot of educational value to the trip.

“The trip wasn’t just about seeing neat, old, unique places,” Jacobsen says. “Between Dr. Vanderpool and the various tours I went on, I learned a great deal of history of the various areas that I was completely unaware of beforehand.”

He also enjoyed the chance to interact with people from other cultures.

It says a lot about NNU that the trip is part of the MBA program, Jacobsen says. “I would say it puts an added premium value on the program,” he says. “It’s outside the traditional mold of ‘school’ and ‘study.”

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