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In honor of the life of former NNU Alumni Association president Dr. Marilee Shively, alumni, students and friends of NNU are invited to join a life-changing trip to share the Jesus Film in Costa Rica and Nicaragua May 12-20, 2014. Trip leader is NNU Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Ron Galloway.

Key highlights of this trip offering:

1) The trip leader is Dr Ron Galloway who was raised in Nicaragua, loves Central America and her people, speaks fluent Spanish, and will provide day trips a tour company would not be able to provide for near the cost;

2) Through our partnership with the Jesus Film Project (sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene) and one of our travelers providing a full film package, Dr Galloway is setting up a Jesus Film showing in Costa Rica and Nicaragua;

3) Costa Rica was the first Central American country where the Church of the Nazarene was established.  The trip itinerary will include travel to the sites and the history of the beginnings of the Church in Costa Rica.

Cost of the trip is $1350 per person double occupancy. Costs include all transportation while in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, hotel lodging, some breakfasts, and two complete film equipment packs to remain in Costa Rica for future Jesus Film showings. Prices do not include airfare and may be subject to change. There is no requirement for a VISA to travel in this part of Central America; anyone with a valid passport may be added to the roster. 

Contact Director of Alumni Relations Darl Bruner if you have interest or need more information for more information at 208-467-8843 or dlbruner(at)

Detailed Itinerary

Please print the attached Registration document (one for each person).

Mail, email, or fax the completed form to:

NNU Office of Alumni Relations
Attention: Darl Bruner
623 S. University Blvd.
Nampa, ID 83686

Email: alumni(at)

Fax: 208-467-8838 (no cover sheet necessary)

Payment (minumum registration deposit is $250) may be made by check payable to Northwest Nazarene University and sent Darl Bruner at the address above. Please write NNU Ministry Trip on the memo line. 

Questions may be referred to Darl Bruner at dlbruner(at) or by phone to 208-467-8843 or 800-654-2411.

Travel Information

Passport and Visa
For entry into Costa Rica, you must present both a valid passport and either a round-trip ticket or proof of onward travel into another country. Passports should be in good condition; Costa Rican Immigration may deny entry if a passport is damaged in any way. American citizens do not need a visa to visit Costa Rica.

No vaccinations are required when arriving from the U.S., however your basic vaccinations should be up to date. See the following website for up-tp-date information. Talk with your health-care provider if you have further questions.

Weather and Clothing
The Central Valley with San Jose enjoys the best climate in the country as the weather has an average of 72 degree Fahrenheit and is tempered with a cool coastal breeze. It may become cool in the evenings and we suggest that you bring a sweater or light coat for the JESUS Film showings. May is the very end of the rainy season and you may want to be prepared with a light rain poncho.

Clothing Recommendations (men/women, dress/casual):

  •  Both Genders: Loose fitting shirts. Sleeveless shirts are acceptible as long as they cover the whole shoulder. No tank tops or muscle shirts. For women, please no bare midriffs, tight fitting tops or cleavage revealing styles.
  • Both Genders: Shorts that are just above the knee and loose or comfortably fitting are acceptible.
  • For church: women, please wear a dress or skirt; sleeves should go down to the elbow; men, slacks and shirt; ties are optional. Modest attire is recommended at all times.

The airport code for San Juan is SJO.

Ticket information: You are responsible for booking your own airline ticket to and from San Juan, Costa Rica, once the trip has at least 10 registered participants. Please do not book your tickets until you receive confirmation to do so. You may book your ticket through your own agency/airline/Website, or feel free to use one of the following agencies used by JFHP:

ReachOne Travel  888-290-7100  (Marla Vinzant  info(at)

Golden Rule Travel  888950-3273  (Eldo Miller  eldo(at)

MTS Travel  719-385-3334  (Peggy Bignell  peggyb(at)

Any overseas travel may entail some risk. For up-to-date information, visit

110v, outlets are the same as U.S.

Official currancy" Costa Rican Colon

Current exchange rate:

You will have opportunity to exchange money once in the country.

Local Time 
Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time, one hour ahead of Nampa, Idaho