Philosophy & Religion Faculty

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Dr. Jay Akkerman

Preaching & Pastoral Theology
Voice: 208.467.8437
Williams Hall 207B
D.Min., Asbury Theological Seminary, 2004

Dr. Joe Bankard

Voice: 208.467.8369
Williams Hall 101
Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, 2009

Stacey Bullard

Program Assistant
Undergraduate Theological Online Education

Voice: 208.467.8046
Williams Hall 202

Dr. Rhonda Carrim

Practical Theology
Voice: 208.467.8349
Williams Hall 108
D.Min., Asbury Theological Seminary, 2000

Vicki Funk

Program Administrator
Graduate Theological Online Education

Voice: 208.467.8432
Toll-Free: 877-NNU-GRAD
Williams Hall 205

Dr. Joe Gorman

Pastoral Theology
Voice: 208.467.8016
Williams Hall 203
D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary, 1999

Dr. Mike Kipp

Youth & Family Ministries
Voice: 208.467.8759
Office: Williams Hall 201
D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary, 2010

Dr. Diane Leclerc

Historical Theology
Voice: 208.467.8438
Williams Hall 209
Ph.D., Drew University, 1998

Dr. George Lyons

New Testament
Voice: 208.467.8450
Williams Hall 105F
Ph.D., Emory University, 1982

Dr. Mark Maddix

Practical Theology & Christian Discipleship
Voice: 208.467.8817
Williams Hall 208
Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2001

Barb Manley

Departments of Philosophy & Religion

Voice: 208.467.8538
Williams Hall 200

Dr. Thomas Jay Oord

Theology & Philosophy
Voice: 208.467.8816
Williams Hall 204
Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, 1999

Dr. Brent Peterson

Voice: 208.467.8018
Williams Hall 105D
Ph.D., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, 2010

Chadwick Pearsall

Graduate Assistant
Graduate Theological Online Education

Voice: 208.467.8452
Toll-Free: 877-NNU-GRAD
Williams Hall 207A

Prof. Stephen Riley

Old Testament
Voice: 208.467.8449
Williams Hall 105C
Ph.D. Candidate, Southern Methodist University

Dr. Ed Robinson

Practical Theology
Voice: 208.467.8064
Williams Hall 105C
Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1988

Prof. Jim Rotz

Director, Online Ministerial Course of Study Program
Voice: 208.467.8371
M.Div., Nazarene Theological Seminary, 1975

Dr. Dick Thompson

New Testament
Voice: 208.467.8764
Williams Hall 206
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 1996

Dr. Kevin Timpe

Voice: 208.467.8848
Williams Hall 104
Ph.D., Saint Louis University, 2004