Thomas Family Health and Science Center

The Thomas Family Health & Science Center

The Thomas Family Health & Science Center stands ready to serve students and the community through this generation and those to come. 

Students involved in research this summer at Northwest Nazarene University never had it so good. 

Labs in the brand new Thomas Family Health & Science Center feature new scientific equipment, easy access to purified water, larger more efficient spaces

for research, and state-of-the-art air conditioning that makes the environment more controlled for experiments and comfortable for students and instructors. 

“Sciences at NNU are a growing part of the University,” said Tyson Nielsen, one of 30 student researchers working with 10 professors this summer in the new center. “With a proper health and science facility, I think we are ready to take a big step forward and become more well-known for our research.” 

The $10 million, 50,000-square-foot center that’s now home to NNU’s School of Science and Mathematics and the newly established School of Nursing and Health Sciences will take top-quality education, research and nursing to a whole new level, students and faculty say. 

“It’s been the largest building program NNU has ever attempted,” said Dr. Darrell Marks, former physics professor and chair of the science division. 

The center is not only modernized—it’s green, featuring structural elements that reduce its impact on the environment. They include recycled and local building materials, key card and motion sensitive activation to conserve energy, and roof stacks that propel air from the science hoods up to 100 feet over the roof to better disperse particles. An efficient and sustainable Phoenix Energy System controls every ounce of energy throughout the building. 

With four general classrooms seating 35 to 60 and a 100-seat lecture hall, the center provides science and mathematics programs with three times more space. The nursing program occupies about five times the space it previously had at the top of the Emerson Administration Building.

Every inch of the new center was strategically designed with students and education in mind.

“The building has never been about the facility itself,” said Dr. Dan Nogales, dean of the School of Science and Mathematics. “The center has been about the people who will use it. We designed it to foster student interaction and learning. The lab facilities were constructed for maximum efficiency and safety.”

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