Mission Trips

Dr. Dan Lawrence (Physics) and Dr. Chris L. Kapicka (Biology) took 17 students to Ukraine. We worked with Roxanne Alexander (Compassionate Ministries)  and Bob and Colleen Skinner (Missionaries).   Ukraine, once part of the old USSR but now independent, was like stepping back into 1940s USA.  The people have tremendous needs.  Despite socialized medicine, most actually do not have access to basic medical care.  The students and medical professionals ran clinics in schools, nursing homes, churches and even an old communist meeting theater.    "Heart to Heart International" donated $11,000 worth of medicine and "Hands of Hope" in Nampa sent thousands of dollars of medical supplies.  Students participating were:  Nick Mahaffey, Andrew Maine, Jerad Shoemaker, Justin Minor, Mark Baas, Mindy Meideros, Molly Trowbridge, Sophie Ness, Kristine Pillers, Brian Fife, Randi Hufford, Mariah Moncecchi, Jaime Butler-Dawson, Jenny Johnson, Michelle Eckstrom, Wilson Wanene, Sarah Blowers, and Dr. Stephen Hufman

Currently, Sarah Blowers and Jenny Johnson have graduated in nursing and are heading back to work in Ukraine.

Haiti (2003)

Susan Wheeler took 6 students to Haiti to work with the Dave and Carisa Blowers.  Students tested for anemia in various public schools, a large problem in the Haiti children caused by malnutrition and disease.  Heart to Heart International and Hands of Hope also donated supplies for this trip.  Students participating were:  Joy Haidle, Brendon Blowers, Tierney Sparks, Megan Staffenson (Grigory), Heather Phillips, and Lisa Albano from ENU.