Science Olympiad

The Idaho Science Olympiad

The 2015 Science Olympiad state-wide event will be April 11th in Nampa at Northwest Nazarene University.

There will also be a regional Division B event in Pocatello at Idaho State University on April 4th.

For questions about the Olympiad at NNU, email Michael Straight.

Contact the Idaho State Director of the Olympiad at: IDAHOSO(at)

More information is available here at the national Science Olympiad website.

The Science Olympiad was founded in 1983 to increase student interest in science. Since 1983, the Olympiad movement has grown to all 50 states and Canada. A team of up to 15 students (there is both a junior high school competition and a senior high competition) compete in a series of individual and team events that encourage learning in biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, problem-solving, and technology.

While some events in The Science Olympiad require scientific knowledge, others rely on science processes, skills, or applications. Every student, whether in a technology class, a general science classes, or advanced classes competes within their areas of interest. All events involve teamwork, group planning, and cooperation. The emphasis is on advanced learning in science through active, hands-on, group participation. And, hey - - it�s FUN!

The Rewards of Participation

The top three individual winners of each event are awarded Olympic style gold, silver, or bronze medals. Points are awarded for each place by the team. The top schools in each division are awarded trophies and the coach receives a special recognition. The winning teams from the high school (Division C) and the junior high/middle school (Division B) will represent Idaho at the National Science Olympiad 

Team Composition

  • A maximum number of 15 students make up a team. A team of fewer than 15 students is welcome.
  • A school may enter multiple teams by paying a registration fee for each team entered.
  • For Division B (junior high/middle school) only 5 ninth graders are allowed per team. The rest of the team may consist of sixth, seventh, or eighth graders.
  • For Division C (high school) only 7 twelfth grade students are allowed per team. The team may consist of ninth through twelfth graders.
    All students must be from the member school. Recruiting from neighboring schools is not allowed unless the small student body meets minimum qualifications.
  • Homeschool teams are allowed--- please check with the State Olympiad Coordinator for confirmation.


The cost to participate in the Idaho Science Olympiad is $100 per team ($80 for NEW participating schools). This covers the materials and national registration, all event materials (such as medals & most chemicals), and all required postage.

Additional Information


The Idaho Science Olympiad is made possible in part by support from