Science and Mathematics Research

Science & Mathematics Research

Independent research involves exploring theories, designing experiments and evaluating data to discover new scientific knowledge for the advancement of our society.  Research is the highest achievement of learning, and the NNU science program believes all science majors should have an opportunity to participate in this endeavor.  Undergraduate research experience elevates our graduates above other undergraduate degrees and gives distinct advantages to our graduates over those without research experience.  Many medical and graduates schools are now requiring research experience before admission, due to the great benefit of this high level of learning.
NNU science faculty have developed independent research projects to work with students in their different disciplines.  These projects range from biomedical to near-space research.  These advanced projects require state-of-the-art equipment, which is available for students to have hands on experience with the current technology.  Our ten week summer research program has summer stipends ($4,000) available for students to learn and be paid at the same time.

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