A team of college students cooperating to transform the minds and abilities of other NNU Students, to inspire the development of Idaho's Treasure Valley, and to embrace the differences and hardships of other nations, in order to empower a higher quality of life through the principles of Free Enterprise

Welcome to the Official NNU SIFE Website!

SIFE is a nonprofit international organization active on more than 800 campuses in the US and over 48 countries! SIFE challenges students to take what they're learning in the classroom and utilize that knowledge to better their communities. Guided by faculty advisors who are named Sam M. Walton Free Enterprise Fellows in honor of the late Wal-Mart founder, SIFE Teams establish a variety of community outreach programs that teach free enterprise. For example, they teach concepts such as budgeting, accounting and supply and demand. SIFE works to create projects that meet the needs of Market Economics, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Personal Success Skills, Ethics, and Environmental Sustainability. They help budding entrepreneurs get their plans off the ground and mentor at-risk students, inspiring them to reach for their dreams.

Check out SIFE.org to learn more about SIFE or email the student leadership at sife@nnu.edu. Being able to impact the community surrounding NNU is one of the cornerstones of NNU's SIFE program. Each year, the SIFE team chooses many different projects to compete in at the Regional and National Competitions. Many of the projects that have been successful in the past are projects that have gained sustainability within the community. NNU SIFE is privileged to have local Business Advisory Board members to help with the decisions of the team along with Sam Walton Fellow Prof. Mollie Sweet.