Business Minors

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Business Administration Minor

Requirements: 18 credits in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Global Business, Management and Marketing. Nine (9) of the 18 credits must be upper division (excluding ACCT3960, BSNS3950 and BSNS3960). Students must meet with a Department of Business and Economics advisor to develop a program of study and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and receive a grade of C- or higher in all classes designated in the minor.
Only available to students not enrolled in the School of Business.

Accounting Minor

Requirements21 credits. 
For the student who wishes to have a working knowledge of accounting.

Core Accounting courses (12 credits)
ACCT2060 Financial Accounting 
ACCT2070 Managerial Accounting 
ACCT3510 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT3520 Intermediate Accounting II

Choose three electives (9 credits)
ACCT3010 Income Taxation
ACCT3040 Cost Accounting
ACCT4020 Auditing
ACCT4510 Advanced Financial Accounting
BSNS3420 Business Law II

Financial Economics Minor

Requirements: 18 prescribed credits.
For the student who wishes to enter the field of financial economics and financial counseling.

ECON2410 Microeconomic Analysis
ECON2420 Macroeconomic Analysis
ECON3094 Special Topics in Economics
ECON3150 Managerial Economics
ECON3510 Money and Financial Institutions
ECON3770 Saving & Investing
ECON4050 Global Economics

Global Business Minor

Requirements: 23 prescribed credits.
For the student who desires to pursue a career in international business.

BSNS4590 Global Marketing
BSNS4600 Global Business Strategies
BSNS4610 Entrepreneurship
ECON3150 Managerial Economics
ECON4050 Global Economics

Two semesters of an Intermediate Foreign Language (8 credits)

Management Minor

Requirements: 18 prescribed credits.
For the student who desires to concentrate in management and organizational development.

BSNS3410 Business Law I
BSNS3420 Business Law II
BSNS3640 Principles of Management
BSNS3650 Human Resource Management
BSNS4600 Global Business Strategies; or
      BSNS4690 Global Operations Management
BSNS4610 Entrepreneurship; or 
       ECON3150 Managerial Economics
BSNS4670 Organizational Behavior

Marketing Minor

Requirements18 prescribed credits.
For the student who desires to pursue a career in brand management, marketing research, advertising or other marketing related fields.

BSNS3094 Special Topics in Marketing
BSNS3510 Principles of Marketing
BSNS3530 Marketing Communications
BSNS3550 Sales Management; or
       ECON3150 Managerial Economics
BSNS3580 Retail Management
BSNS4560 Consumer Behavior Marketing Research
BSNS4590 Global Marketing