The Standard General Education Program

The Standard General Education Program

According to our Mission Statement, Northwest Nazarene University offers an undergraduate curriculum that "is designed to instill a habit of mind that enables each student to become God's creative and redemptive agent in today's world." This curriculum provides both depth (the student's major field of study) and breadth (the General Education Program) to nurture our students, highest intellectual, physical, and spiritual development.

The General Education Program is the foundation of all undergraduate education at Northwest Nazarene University. It purposely expresses through curriculum the mission of the university as a Christian liberal arts institution in the Wesleyan heritage. The objective of the General Education Program is to provide a common experience for the personal and intellectual growth of each student. Students are brought into contact with the great persons, ideas, movements, human culture and the Christian faith. The curriculum is intellectually challenging and designed to set the tone for all courses at the university.

Standard General Education Requirements at a Glance (51 credits)

When planning a schedule, students should carefully review the detailed requirements following this summary.

Christian Formation 

12 Credits



Intro to Biblical Studies



Intro to Christian Theology



Approved UD Bib Lit or Theology Elective



Approved Philosophy Elective



16 Credits





Approved Literature Elective



Approved Art History or Music History Elective



Approved U.S. History Elective



Approved non-U.S. History Elective






15 Credits


Fundamentals of Wellness



Approved Kinesiology Activity Elective


Natural Science

Approved Natural Science Lecture Elective


Natural Science

Approved Natural Science Lab Elective


Social Science

Approved Social Science Elective


Additional Electives

Electives from two of the following areas to equal 6 credits



Natural Science

Social Science

Intellectual and Practical Skills

8 Credits


University Writing and Research



Topics in Writing and Literature (or a course with a W designation)



Intro to Public Speaking 


Math Proficiency

Satisfactory score on the mathematics portion of the ACT, SAT, or COMPASS


Cross Cultural Experience

Completion of Cross Cultural Experience(s), Intercultural Lab, and Reflection Paper



To complete the General Education Program at Northwest Nazarene University, the student must take 51 semester credits of courses distributed in five categories. The categories with the number of credits required in each are:

I. Christian Formation (12 credits)

BIBL1100. Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)

To be completed during the first 3 semesters of residence, must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

THEO2100. Introduction to Christian Theology (3) 

To be completed by end of the fifth semester of residence, must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

Upper-division Bible Literature or Theology (3)

BIBL, THEO prefixed 3 credit courses. Two credit BIBL, THEO courses do not satisfy this requirement.

Students transferring to Northwest Nazarene University as juniors (60 credits) must complete 6 semester credits in biblical and theological studies which will include THEO2100 and a BIBL elective. Students transferring as seniors (90 credits) must complete only THEO2100.

Philosophy Elective (3)

Select one course from:

PHIL2010. Introduction of Philosophy (3)

PHIL2020. Ethics (3)

PHIL3010. History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3)

PHIL3080. Critical Reasoning (3)

PHIL3520. Philosophy of Science (3)

PHIL3600. Clinical Ethics (3)

II. Humanities (16 credits)

HUMN1010. Cornerstone (3)

To be completed the first semester in residence, must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

Literature Elective (3)

Select one course from:

ENGL2210. American Literature: Colonial Period to the Civil War (3)

ENGL2220. American Literature: Civil War to the Present (3)

ENGL2310. British Literature: Beowulf through the Age of Reason (3)

ENGL2320. British Literature: The Romantic Age to the Present (3)

ENGL2410. Major Literature of the Western World (3)

ENGL2420. World Literature: The Ancient World to the Renaissance (3)

ENGL2430. World Literature: The Enlightenment to the Modern Era (3)

ENGL3210. Major Authors in American Literature (3)

ENGL3250. The American Novel (3)

ENGL3310. Major Authors in British Literature (3)

ENGL3320. Shakespeare (3)

ENGL3350. The British Novel (3)

ENGL3410. Greek and Roman Classics (3)

ENGL3420. Foreign Literature in Translation (3)

ENGL3510. Twentieth Century Poetry (3)

ENGL3520. Twentieth Century Drama (3)

ENGL3740. Children's Literature (3)

ENGL4270. Minority Voices in American Literature (3)

ENGL4340. Major Romantics and Victorians (3)

ENGL4350. British Poetry Before 1700 (3)

Art History/Music History Elective (3)

Select one course from:

ARDE1010. A Survey of Art and Music (3)

ARDE3250. Art History 1 (3)

ARDE3340. Design History (3)

ARDE3750. Art History 2 (3)

ARDE4250. Contemporary Art History (3)

MUSC1010. A Survey of Art and Music (3)

MUSC3260. Music History: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque (3)

MUSC3270. Music History: Classic, Romantic and Modern (3)

History Electives (one U. S. and one non-U. S.) (6)

Select one U.S. history course from:

HIST2030. Conflict and Consensus: American History to 1877 (3)

HIST2040. Conflict and Consensus: American History from 1877 (3)

HIST3250. History of American Culture (3)

HIST3390. Recent America (3) 

Select one non-U.S. history course from:

HIST1030. The World and the West I (3)

HIST1040. The World and the West II (3)

HIST3480. Modern Europe (1800-Present) (3)

Capstone: Completion of one of the following capstone courses approved by the General Education Council (1) 

ARDE4950. Engaging Art and Faith (3)

BIOL4970. Pre-Physical Therapy Capstone (1)

BIOL4980. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)

BSNS4980. Senior Seminar In Business (3)

CHEM4980. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)

CLST4010. Capstone (1)

COMM4980. Seminar in Communication Studies (1)

COMP4980. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)

CRIM4010. Capstone (1)

EDUC4950. Seminar/Capstone (1)

ENGL4980. Senior Seminar (1)

ENGR4972. Senior Design Project II/Capstone (2)

HIST4970. Senior Thesis and Capstone (4)

HUMN4010. Capstone (1)

KINE4970. Kinesiology Senior Capstone (1)

MUSC4000. Music Capstone Seminar (1)

NURS4040. Transition to Professional Nursing Practice/Capstone (4)

PHIL4900. Philosophy Capstone (1)

PHYS4980. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)

POLS4970. Senior Thesis and Capstone (4)

PSYC4010. Capstone (1)

SOGY4010. Capstone (1)

SOWK4981. Senior Field Seminar (1)

SPAN4010. Capstone (1)

THEO4900. Religion Capstone (1) 

III. Sciences (15 credits)

KINE1000. Fundamentals of Wellness (1)

KINE1000L. Fundamentals of Wellness Lab (0)

KINE Activity Course (1)

Select one course from:

KINE1020. Heart Healthy Activity

KINE1030. Lifetime Sport Activity

KINE1010. Adapted Physical Education (1)

MILS2500. Military Style Fitness (1)

KINE2640. Kinesiology Majors Activity Laboratory (1)
(This course is only open to kinesiology majors.)

Natural Science Elective to include a laboratory (4)

Select one natural science lecture and corresponding laboratory course.

Natural science (BIOL, CHEM, NSCI, PHYS prefixed courses) 

Social Science Elective (3)

Select one social science course (ECON, GEOG, POLS, PSYC, SOGY, or COMM2030)

Additional Science Electives (6)

Select two additional courses from two of the following three areas:

1. Mathematics 

A MATH prefixed course numbered 1000 or higher, or one of the following courses approved by the General Education Council.

BSNS2330. Math for Business and Finance (3)
KINE4520. Tests and Measurements in Physical Education (3)
PSYC3640. Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis (3)

2. Natural Science

Natural science (BIOL, CHEM, NSCI, PHYS prefixed courses)

3. Social Science

Social science (ECON, GEOG, POLS, PSYC, SOGY, or COMM2030)

IV. Intellectual and Practical Skills (8 credits)

ENGL1030. University Writing and Research (3)
To be completed by end of first year of residence. Must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

ENGL3015. Topics in Writing and Literature (3)
any ENGL course with a W designation (3)
Must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

COMM1210. Introduction to Public Speaking (2)
Must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

Mathematics Proficiency (0)
One of the following minimum test scores. Test scores must have been obtained within the previous five years.

Must be completed by the end of the fourth semester in residence.

ACT Math Score of 21 or higher

SAT Math Score of 550 or higher

COMPASS Algebra Score of 50 or higher

Completion of an approved college level math course

V. Cross Cultural Experience (for detailed instructions see

One experience from Tier I; or,
Two experiences from Tier II; or,
One experience from Tier II and two from Tier III; or,
Four experiences from Tier III 

Tier I Experiences:

Completion of CLST1001L. Intercultural Lab (no credit) prior to participating in a cross-cultural experience; and

Approved travel (e.g., cross-cultural semester abroad, 2 week mission trip); or students who have lived overseas for at least one year after the age of 7; and

A ten page paper reflecting on the cross-cultural experience 

Tier II Experiences:

Completion of CLST1002L. Intercultural Lab (no credit) prior to participating in a cross cultural experience; and

Approved travel (e.g., United States, Canada); and

A five page paper reflecting on the cross-cultural experience; or

Completion of CLST1002L. Intercultural Lab; and

Any of the following approved courses (which includes 10-15 contact hours and a five page paper):

BSNS4600. Global Business Strategies (3)

CHIN2010. Intermediate Chinese (4)

CHIN2020. Intermediate Chinese (4)

CLST1020. Dynamics of Intercultural Dialogue (2)

CLST3960. Cultural Studies Field Experience (1-3)

CRIM4450. Culture and Criminal Justice (3)

EDUC2250. Cultural Diversity in Education (2)

EDUC3310. Teaching the Bilingual/Bicultural Child (1)

EDUC3410. Content Literacy in Secondary Classrooms (3)

FREN1020. Elementary French (4)

FREN2010. Intermediate French (4)

FREN2020. Intermediate French (4)

NURS4010. Nursing of Diverse Populations in the Community (4)

PRTH2400. Introduction to Christian Missions (3)

PRTH2405. Christian Missions (3)

PRTH3750. Compassionate Ministries (2)

SOGY2030. Cultural Anthropology I (2)

SOGY2030. Cultural Anthropology II (2)

SOGY3180. Race, Class and Gender (3)

SPAN1020. Elementary Spanish (4)

SPAN2010. Intermediate Spanish (4)

SPAN2020. Intermediate Spanish (4) 

SPAN3010. Advanced Conversation and Composition (3)

Tier III Experiences:

Completion of CLST1003L. Intercultural Lab prior to ten hours of approved cross-cultural contact experience; and

A five page paper reflecting on the cross-cultural experience; or

Completion of CLST1003. Intercultural Lab; and

Any of the following approved courses (which includes 5-10 contact hours and a five page paper):

CHIN1010. Elementary Chinese (2)

CHIN1020. Elementary Chinese (2)

CHIN1030. Elementary Chinese (3)

CLST2960. Cultural Studies Practicum (1)

FREN1010. Elementary French (4)

REST3560. World Religions: Asian Traditions (2)

REST3570. World Religions: Western Traditions (2)

SOGY1010. Exploring Cultural Anthropology (3)

SOWK2851. Human Behavior and the Social Environment II (2)

SPAN1010. Elementary Spanish (4)

 Additional Note:

Interdisciplinary courses may be offered periodically which will satisfy two general education requirements with one course. Completion of interdisciplinary courses will reduce the number of credits required to satisfy the general education requirements. However, the student must still complete 124 overall credits and 43 upper division credits to satisfy graduation requirements.