Residential Life

Residential Life

With approximately 60 percent of the total student population living in Northwest Nazarene Universityís residential halls, the University intends that each studentís living environment would serve to enhance the total educational experience while enrolled.

In order to integrate this goal, professionals work directly in each residence hall. These key individuals include the Resident Director (RD), who along with Resident Assistants (RAís) work directly with the students. The staff makes every effort to create an environment conducive to the development of the whole person. Students are given opportunities for leadership along with many social, spiritual, educational, cultural, and recreational activities. They may become involved as a member of the Residence Hall Council, Residence Peer Board, Residential Life Board, or Student Life Executive Committee.

Activities offered in the residence halls include community service events, study breaks, holiday/theme parties, bible studies, wing events, wellness activities and trips.

Referrals to the Office of Student Development or other University campus support systems are made when students need further assistance in their personal, spiritual, or academic development as a person.

Many special speakers or community resource people interact within the residence halls through presentations, panel discussions, or other co-curricular activities. This enables students to stay abreast of current life and campus issues as they develop.