BSNS1110. Introduction to Business (1)

Survey of the field of business including organizing and managing businesses; managing human resources; marketing, introducing financial issues including accounting, money and banking, securities markets; business issues, business ethics and international business.

BSNS2170. Computer Applications in Business (3)

Introduction to computers as a tool for business including fundamental concepts of information technology and the use of business application software including word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics, electronic communications, and World Wide Web. Prerequisites: Computer proficiency or instructor's permission. 

BSNS2220. Business Communication (3)

Study of the process and objectives of effective business writing and presentations. The course includes a review of English composition of basic business correspondence and e-systems. 

BSNS2330. Math for Business and Finance (3)

An introductory course to statistical theory and applications for business decision-making purposes. Topics include the role and use of statistics, tables and graphs, data analysis, probability distributions, descriptive measures, and statistical inference, including sampling, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, analysis of variance, quality control, and regression analysis. Fulfills the General Education Mathematics Competency requirement. Prerequisites: minimum ACT Math score of 21, SAT Math score of 550, or Compass Algebra score of 50, or passed MATH0950 Intermediate Algebra,  or instructor's permission. 

BSNS2950. Field Experience in Business (1-3)

Designed to provide an introductory experience as a leader in various business settings. Consists of involvement in various community projects, both as an observer and as a participant. The component includes 30-40 hours per credit when completed. Field Experience in Business will be a pass/fail grade and will be determined by the instructor.  May be repeated for credit in a different setting. Prerequisites: Instructor's permission. 

BSNS3010. Personal Finance and Stewardship (3)

A study and application of planning and organizing personal finances. The class will also discuss how students manage, and address the challenges of becoming good stewards of their gifts, talents, time and resources. Topics covered include education and experience, earning and spending, savings and debt, giving and tithing, taxes and insurance and social responsiveness. (See ECON3010) 

BSNS3030. Management Information Systems (3)

The course considers management information systems from the manager's viewpoint as well as that of the accountant and data processing professional. Topics include: introductory concepts, hardware and software resources, many common areas of application, and planning and developing management information systems. The areas of application include: financial information systems; information systems for marketing production, personnel, and managerial-decision models, and general office information systems.  Prerequisite: BSNS2170 or instructor's permission.

BSNS3094. Special Topics (1-3)

This course is designed to address specific business topics as designated by the Instructor of Record and approved by the Department Chair.

BSNS3410. Business Law I (3)

Study of the present day law of business in the United States as it relates to contracts, sales, agency, the legal environment, and selected topics. Ethical considerations and international topics are also discussed. 

BSNS3420. Business Law II (3)

Study of the present day law of business in the United States as it relates to corporations, agency, and negotiable instruments. Emphasis is also given to legal principles as they apply to partnerships, corporations, and non-corporate associations. Ethical considerations and international topics are also discussed. Prerequisites: BSNS3410 or instructor's permission. Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS3510. Principles of Marketing (3)

Study of marketing from the point of view of the business firm. Topics include the structure of the marketing system, the nature of marketing management, consumer behavior, marketing research, product policy, pricing policy, channels of distribution policy, promotion policy, and analytical techniques useful to marketing management. 

BSNS3530. Marketing Communications (3)

The course will deal with the use of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations as elements in a promotional program. A managerial framework is used to emphasize the integrative aspects of the objectives, copy, media selection, budget decision, audience targeting, and the development of an ad campaign. Prerequisites: BSNS3510 or instructor's permission. Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS3550. Sales Management (3)

Functional aspects of sales force management, personal selling methods, procedures for recruiting, selecting, and training new salespeople, compensation and expense control systems, problems of sales force motivation and supervision; methods of territorial and quota assignment, sales department budgets, distributor-dealer relations, and other selected topics. Prerequisite: BSNS3510 or instructor's permission.  Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS3580. Retail Management (3)

Study of the operation and management of retail organizations. Topics include location, layout, pricing, promotion, and purchasing. Prerequisite: BSNS3510 or instructor's permission.  Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS3640. Principles of Management (3)

Study of the functions and principles of management with emphasis on relationships between workers and management as well as between individual employees. Topics cover the areas of planning, organizing, directing and controlling personnel, and decision-making procedures and techniques. 

BSNS3650. Human Resource Management (3)

Strategic issues in managing human resources, developing and implementing human resource policies and procedures, human resource planning, job design, analysis and evaluation, staffing, compensation, performance appraisal, training and development career management, labor relations, and legal, ethical and global Human Resource issues. Prerequisites:  BSNS3640 or Instructor's permission.  Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS3710. Principles of Finance (3)

Introduction to financial management, including financial statement analysis, valuation of cash flows, capital budgeting, the time value of money, the concepts of risk and return, cost of capital, and applications of these concepts in the firm. Prerequisites: ECON2410 and BSNS2330 or ACT Math of 21 or instructor's permission. 

BSNS3770. Saving and Investing (3)

An introduction to the economics of lifetime saving and investing decisions. Includes introduction to financial institutions involved in saving and investing, operation and properties of stock, bond, and real estate markets, role of tax laws and practices in life time saving and consumption decisions, time value of money principles, saving to achieve personal goals, rate of return and risks of alternative investments, in the context of principles of Christian stewardship. (See ECON3770) Prerequisites: ECON2410 and ECON2420 or instructor's permission. Offered: Alternate years

BSNS3810. Business Ethics (3)

This course covers the ethical aspects from a Christian perspective of management decision making which pose fundamental questions about executive decisions and the human impact of corporate power. 

BSNS3950. Field Experience in Business (1-3)

Designed to provide an introductory experience as a leader in various business settings. Consists of involvement in various community projects, both as an observer and as a participant. The component includes 30-40 hours per credit when completed. Field Experience in Business will be a pass/fail grade and will be determined by the instructor.  May be repeated for credit in a different setting. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission.

BSNS3960. Internship in Business (2-3)

On-the-job experience involving decision-making and problem-solving techniques, skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom. This experience is under the supervision of both a business professional and professor.  Internship in Business will be a pass/fail grade and will be determined by the instructor.  Prerequisite:  Instructor's permission.

BSNS4560. Consumer Behavior Marketing Research (3)

Integrated course that examines Consumer Behavior theory and develops the marketing research skills needed to measure customers' attitudes and predict their behavior. Prerequisites: BSNS2330, or MATH2240 and BSNS3510 or instructor's permission. Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS4590. Global Marketing (3)

The course covers the differences between marketing endeavors in international markets and those applicable to domestic markets. Differences in culture and customs as they relate to marketing are also analyzed. Prerequisites: BSNS3510 or instructor's permission. Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS4600. Global Business Strategies (3)

The course will cover: the structure of global operations; methods of entering international markets; cultural impact on business practices; legal and ethical impact on multi-international business; human resource management in international firms; and international movement of business factors. Prerequisites: BSNS3640 or Instructor's permission.  Fulfills a General Education Tier II Cross-Cultural Experience if taken with CLST1002L Intercultural Lab.

BSNS4610. Entrepreneurship (3)

Major topics include: identifying potential high growth business opportunities, characteristics of entrepreneurs, developing creativity, evaluating market potential, preparing a business plan, and choosing an exit or succession strategy. Prerequisite: BSNS3640 or instructor's permission Offered: Alternate years. 

BSNS4670. Organizational Behavior (3)

A study of the effects of organizational structure and style on morale, productivity, and efficiency. Prerequisites: BSNS3640 or instructor's permission. Offered: Alternate years 

BSNS4690. Global Operations Management (3)

The course will cover the structure of global operations, and apply quantitative tools needed to make effective decisions. The interaction of operations within the organization will be studied. 

BSNS4980. Senior Seminar In Business (3)

Applications seminar requiring students to utilize various business concepts. The main emphasis of the course will be on entrepreneurial research projects, but additional topics of current interest in business will be covered. Prerequisites: Accounting, Business, Economics, Global Business, Management and Marketing majors with senior classification or instructor's permission.