ARDE-Art and Design

ARDE1010. A Survey of Art and Music (3)

This course is designed specifically for the non-art major.  An introduction to the stylistic characteristics and cultural climate of the important artistic epochs in art history. (See MUSC1010). Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE1020. 2D Design (3)

A foundations course designed to promote an understanding of and appreciation for the various technical and aesthetic qualities fundamental to the visual arts.  Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE1040. Drawing 1 (3)

An exploration of drawing with a foundation in observational studies. Throughout the course a broad range of drawing materials and applications will be introduced. Includes lecture and discussion on the history of drawing and the nature of drawing in contemporary art.  Prerequisites:  ARDE1020 or instructor's permission.  Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2010. 3D Design (3)

An introductory studio experience, this course examines both technical and aesthetic relationships specific to three-dimensional forms as well as creative problem-solving through manipulation of various media and techniques. This course also emphasizes tool usage and studio safety. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2050. Ceramics 1 (3)

A studio-based course designed to introduce students to the various basic forming, decorating, glazing, and firing techniques used in the medium of clay. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2070. Figure Studies (3)

Coursework will be based on observation of the live model and will be carried out as an exploration in various traditional and non-traditional 2D media and methods for representing the figure. Prerequisites: ARDE1040 or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required. Offered: Alternate years. 

ARDE2094. Special Topics (1-3)

A concentrated study of one topic in art.  May be repeated for credit.  Prerequisites: Instructor's permission. 

ARDE2280. Illustration 1: Visual Voice (3)

An introductory course in illustration with an emphasis on developing conceptual skills, individual expression, and technical expertise in a variety of media. Students will focus on the process of taking a project from thumbnails and roughs, through to finished art. Prerequisites: ARDE1040. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2350. Graphic Design 1: Introduction To Visual Communication (3)

An introduction to graphic design with emphasis on exploring the roles and responsibilities of design in contemporary culture. Studio projects will focus on graphic problem solving through the use of symbols, type, and imagery, with additional emphasis on the exploration of design applications, techniques, issues, and media fundamental to the graphic design profession. Prerequisites: ARDE1020, 1040, or instructor's permission. Corequisites: ARDE2430. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2360. Graphic Design 2: Typography (3)

An exploration of typography as a vehicle for expressive communication. Visual hierarchy, principles of contrast, verbal messages, and the consideration of communicative models will all be emphasized. Prerequisites: ARDE1020, 1040, 2350, 2430. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2410. Painting 1 (3)

An introduction to the fundamentals of painting. This course is designed to develop the student's ability to accurately translate color and effectively organize pictorial space and compositional ideas. Prerequisites: ARDE1020 or instructor's permission.  Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2420. Opera/Musical Theater Production (1)

Hands-on involvement in the performing of a Broadway musical, including acting, singing, choreography, stage lighting and set construction. May be repeated for credit.  Prerequisites: Audition or instructor's permission. (See MUSC2420). 

ARDE2430. Introduction to Computer Graphics (3)

An introductory digital design course emphasizing industry standard drawing, photo editing and layout computer applications, especially the Adobe Creative Suite. Students will gain foundational technical skills that are applied through relevant projects. Corequisites: ARDE2350. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE2760. Photography 1 (3)

An introductory course in the fundamentals of black and white photography and the medium as a means of visual expression. Students will learn 35mm camera operation, film developing and darkroom printing. Basic design principles are reinforced through assignments, as well as a study of historical photographers and their work. Students should have a 35mm SLR camera. Prerequisites: ARDE1020 or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3010. Sculpture 1 (3)

Intermediate studio experience with emphasis upon development and refinement of practical and theoretical concerns related to three-dimensional artwork. Projects in this course will include various additive, reductive, and constructive procedures, as well as historical and contemporary sculptural issues. Prerequisites: ARDE1020, ARDE2010. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3050. Ceramics 2 (3)

Further exploration, development, and refinement of individual projects in the medium of clay. This course is designed to explore both traditional vessel and sculptural ceramic forms. Contemporary issues as well as the use of other media along with clay are explored. Prerequisites: ARDE2050 or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3060. Printmaking (3)

An introduction to the processes and history of printmaking with an emphasis on screen-printing for artistic and commercial purposes. Processes may include screenprinting, letterpress and bookbinding techniques. Prerequisites: ARDE1020, ARDE2430 or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3070. Drawing 2 (3)

A continued exploration of drawing processes, materials and methods of representation. Expanding upon the foundation established in Drawing 1, less conventional materials and processes will be introduced. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the student's individual visual vocabulary. Prerequisites: ARDE1020, 1040.  Fees: Materials fee required. Offered: Alternate years. 

ARDE3080. Introduction to Bookmaking and Letterpress (3)

Students will explore a variety of book structures as well as an introduction to letterpress printing.  Book forms may include: folded-books, pop-ups, zines, hard-cover, and a variety of sewing techniques. Fees: Materials fee required.

ARDE3250. Art History 1 (3)

Survey of visual art and architecture from its pre-historic origins through the Gothic period. Fees: Materials fee required. Offered: Alternate years.

ARDE3280. Illustration 2: Visual Story Book (3)

A continuation of illustrative approaches and techniques with emphasis in visual journalism, visual narrative, and portfolio development. Students will create a series of images with a unifying theme or narrative for exhibition and portfolio use. Additional instruction will be given on the business of illustration and potential career paths. Prerequisites: ARDE1040, 2280; or instructor's permission. 

ARDE3330. Teaching Art in the Elementary School (3)

Introduces elementary education majors to theoretical and practical experiences necessary for incorporating a discipline-based art education program into the elementary school curriculum. This course may include actual practicum teaching experiences. (See EDUC3330) Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education Program or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required.  

ARDE3340. Design History: Industrial Revolution to Contemporary Design (3)

An examination of the history, process and practice of design from the middle of the 18th century to the new millennium. Objects, designers, history and culture which led to the birth and development of the design profession will be addressed, along with its influences in art, architecture, science and industry. Fees: Additional fee required. Offered: Alternate years.

ARDE3360. Graphic Design 3: Advanced Practice (3)

Advanced applications of graphic design including multifaceted communication problems, professional-level assignments and critical analysis of various historic and contemporary graphic forms. Emphasis will also be placed on the development of professional production techniques. Prerequisites: ARDE2350, 2360, 2430. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3410. Painting 2 (3)

A continuing exploration of painting including more contemporary materials and processes. Historical and contemporary approaches will be analyzed. Emphasis on the individualization of each student's visual vocabulary and their understanding of contemporary issues in painting. Prerequisites: ARDE2410. Fees: Materials fee required. Offered: Alternate years. 

ARDE3430. Digital Photography (3)

A continuation of ARDE2430. Students will explore digital imaging techniques and applications of acquiring, manipulating and outputting digitized photographic images using Adobe Photoshop. Emphasis will be placed on image making and will explore camera, digital and mixed media techniques for making photo art. Prerequisites: ARDE2430, 2760, or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3440. Introduction to Web Design (3)

Introductory experiences in the creation and production of web-based graphic forms through the use of HTML and industry-standard software applications including Adobe Dreamweaver. Prerequisites: ARDE2350, 2360, or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3500. Studio Practice and Critique (3)

Cross-emphasis studio course structured to develop professional studio practice through rigorous critique, individuated expression, and criticality regarding relevant issues in contemporary art production. Course normally taken in the junior year. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE3530. Teaching Art in Secondary Schools (3)

This course examines pragmatic techniques and philosophical approaches necessary to design, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive discipline-based art education program at the secondary school levels. Additionally, both historical and contemporary art education issues are examined, discussed, and evaluated. Includes opportunities for students to observe and/or teach a minimum of 20 hours in secondary classrooms. Corequisites: EDUC3510, EDUC3750 (See EDUC3530). Prerequisites: Admission to the Teacher Education Program, Junior classification, or instructor's permission.

ARDE3730. Advanced Typography (3)

An advanced exploration of typography as a vehicle for expressive communication, especially as it relates to the online and digital environment. Students will explore advanced typographic concepts such as learning to design custom typefaces using font generation software, developing type in motion (eg. film and digital application title sequences), and developing typography for user-centered interactive experiences (eg. websites, kiosks, digital apps). Prerequisites: ARDE2360.  Fees: Materials fee required

ARDE3750. Art History 2 (3)

Survey of visual art and architecture from the Renaissance through the 20th century. Fees: Materials fee required. Offered: Alternate years. 

ARDE3760. Photography 2 (3)

Introduction to alternative photographic processes and medium format cameras. Basic design principles are applied from Photography 1 with more advanced opportunities for self expression and conceptualization. Students will gain a working knowledge of the history of photography. Topics may include: toning, Cyanotype, VanDyke brown, Polaroid, solarization, liquid emulsion and bookbinding. Prerequisites: ARDE2760. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE4030. Sculptural Installation (3)

This course is designed for all junior and senior art majors. The purpose of this course is to explore both traditional and non-traditional art media in site-specific and/or installation formats. Prerequisites: ARDE1020, 2010. Fees: Materials fee required. Offered: Alternate years.

ARDE4094. Special Topics (1-3)

A concentrated study of one topic in art. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: Instructor's permission. 

ARDE4250. Modern and Contemporary Art History (3)

The history of visual art from Impressionism in the 19th century to contemporary art in the 21st century, including a survey of Art Criticism and Theory. Focused on the development of modern and contemporary art and its relationship to experience as a defining factor, this course is an exploration of the impact and implications for current art production and reception. Exposure to contemporary art through field trips to galleries and museums. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE4360. Graphic Design 4: Portfolio Preparation (3)

Advanced design course emphasizing the development of a working portfolio and other self-promotional materials. Additional projects may include books, CD jackets, packaging, logotypes, and corporate identity campaigns. Prerequisites: ARDE2350, 2360, 2430, 3360. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE4440. Advanced Web Design (3)

Advanced web design course with emphasis on the construction of dynamic commercial websites with additional consideration of theories of interactivity, animation, and usability on the web. Course will also focus on the development of technical skills using industry-standard applications such as Adobe Flash. Prerequisites: ARDE2350, 2360, 2430. Fees: Materials fee required. Offered: Alternate years. 

ARDE4500. Studio Practice and Critique (3)

Cross-emphasis studio course structured to develop professional studio practice through rigorous critique, individuated expression, and criticality regarding relevant issues in contemporary art production. Course normally taken in the senior year. Prerequisites: ARDE3500. Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE4540. Integrated Media Campaigns (3)

This course will require the development of broad-based media campaigns utilizing a variety of print, digital, and social media. The development of dynamic and appropriate visual systems and implementation of those systems toward a specific market audience will be emphasized. Projects may include real-world campaigns for local and regional institutions. Prerequisites: ARDE3360, ARDE4440, BSNS3530, or instructor's permission. Fees: Materials fee required.

ARDE4870. Senior Exhibition (1-3)

A course in professional practices for the studio artist and designer. Students will learn the practical skills necessary to promote, design and carry out an exhibition or portfolio presentation of their work culminating in a solo or group exhibition in the Friesen Galleries. Studio majors, or design majors planning on having a solo exhibition, must register for 3 credits their senior year. Design students must register for 1 credit. Requirements:  Declared art majors with senior classification or with instructor's permission.  Prerequisites: ARDE4360 or 4500, and instructor's signature.  Fees: Materials fee required. 

ARDE4950. Engaging Art & Faith (3)

A senior-level capstone experience in which students concentrate on class readings that engage their faith perspective with their art and design practice. The nature of the fine arts disciplines lends itself to servant leadership, therefore servanthood through the visual arts will be a component in this course. Course will include discussions, writings and applications. An optional service-oriented mission trip will take place during spring break or immediately following the spring semester for students who need to fulfill NNUís Cross-Cultural requirement. Possible locations include: Costa Rica, Mission Possible: Vancouver BC, Ireland.   Fulfills Capstone requirement. Prerequisites: Senior classification. Fees: Additional fee required for optional Cross-Cultural credit.  

ARDE4960. Internship (3)

Course designed to give students hands-on working experience in the professional art and design world. A minimum of 135 hours required. This is a Pass/Fail course. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior classification. 

ARDE4990. Aesthetics and Faith (3)

A senior level capstone course integrating philosophy and the visual arts. Students will have a working knowledge of basic theories in aesthetics with an aim toward an informed assessment of the visual arts.  The culminating project will consist of a group-produced artwork displaying a robust synthesis of aesthetic theory, basic art practice, and the university outcomes.  The project will include a ten page paper articulating the group's process.  Prerequisites: Senior classification. Fees: Materials fee required.