Fee Page


Total shown is demonstrating the total costs for a typical undergraduate, for more information please refer to the cost breakdown information. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please to not hesitate to contact us at businessoffice(at)nnu.edu.

Student Fees

Cost Per Semester

Cost Per Year

Undergraduate: 12 credits or more

Undergraduate: 6-11 credits

Undergraduate: less than 6 credits




$ 50






Special Fees

Contingency deposit (a one time refundable deposit)

$ 50

Late payment and/or registration fee


Non-credit fee per course credit (audit)

$ 50

Undergraduate graduation fee

$ 50

Return check fee

$ 25

Please note: Some courses have an activity/usage fee. Check course schedule for details.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, 60 or older, may enroll in classes for non-credit at no charge on a space available basis.
Classes taken for credit: $565 per semester credit.

Statement Of Charges

Students will receive a statement prior to the beginning of each semester. This document indicates the amount of financial aid awarded and the invoice for each semesterís estimated charges and credits, and is the statement from which the balance due is determined. 

Changes in the studentís course load may result in an increase or decrease in financial aid. When adding or dropping classes, students should contact their Financial Aid Officer to determine if any of their financial aid will be affected.

Students are reminded that lenders may deduct a processing fee from their Direct Student loans, Direct Plus loans, and Alaska Student Loan applications. Questions concerning your financial aid should be directed to (208) 467-8638, 1-877-668-4968, or financialaid(at)nnu.edu.

It is the studentís responsibility to ensure that information regarding payment of amounts due is communicated to the person who will be paying the account.

Collection charges

When a student is no longer enrolled at NNU and a balance remains on their account, the student is responsible for paying the University's cost of collection.  This includes, but is not limited to, collection agency fees and/or reasonable attorney's fees.

Undergraduate Tuition

Cost Per Semester

Cost Per Year

12-17 Undergraduate Semester Credits*

$ 13,075

 $ 26,150

Less than 12 or more than 17 semester credits

$1130 per credit

ē Post-Baccalaureate/NNU Graduate

$565  per credit

ē Post-Baccalaureate/non-NNU Graduate

$1130 per credit


Annual costs for a typical undergraduate student

Cost Per Semester:

Cost Per Year:





 $     200

 $     400

Room and Board

 $  3,200

 $  6,400




*Note: Students with a Senior classification for the 2013-14 academic year will be charged at a rate of $13,075 per semester for 12-19 undergraduate semester credits.

Graduate & Adult Studies Tuition

For information regarding the graduate or adult studies tuition costs, please contact businessoffice(at)nnu.edu.  For general inquiries, please refer to the contact information below.

Graduate Tuition:

Contact the following Graduate Studies Offices for Tuition Rates:


Phone Number:


(208) 467-8123


(208) 467-8345


(208) 467-8341


(208) 467-8642


(208) 467-8366


(208) 467-8368

Social Work

(208) 467-8679

Adult Studies:

Contact the following Adult Studies Offices for Tuition Rates:


Phone Number:


(208) 467-8123

Christian Ministries

(208) 467-8046


(208) 467-8258

General Education

(208) 467-8495

Board And Room

Room cost is for a single student in a shared dorm room. Private room(when avaliable) is an additional $250 per semester. Room charge includes furniture and utilities. Room assignments are made by the Office of Student Development (208) 467-8643.

Cost Per Semester

Cost Per Year

Silver Meal Plan and Single Student in Shared Dorm Room

$ 3,200

 $ 6,400

This meal plan offers students unlimited entries/meals per day and week. Student also has $50 Flex dollars per semester to use at Amity Perk.

Alternative meal plans are available to certain students. Information on these alternative meal plans is available from the Office of Student Development.