Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice

Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice

The Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of individuals and groups. The department offers a broad understanding of human behavior, including the development, relationships, physiological functioning, and interactions of individuals in systems. Drawing primarily on models from psychology, sociology, and criminal justice, the department educates students in the methods of social and psychological research; diversity and its various expressions; indigenous experience; national, international, ethnic, religious, class, and gender perspectives; and models of advocacy and social justice. 

The department contributes to the liberal arts education of NNU students through courses offered to meet the general education core requirement, and those that support major requirements in other disciplines. More in-depth study leads to the majors in criminal justice, psychology, and sociology. Each of these provides students with a solid background in the questions, methods, and theories of the disciplines, and prepares them for occupations and further study in psychology, sociology, culture, and related fields. The department models and trains its students to be Christian professionals serving the community.

Faculty: Glena Andrews, David Blowers, Benjamin Earwicker


Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

    Pre-Counseling Psychology Emphasis

    Neuroscience/Neuropsychology Emphasis

    Scientist/Practitioner Emphasis

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology 

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice

Psychology Education

See Secondary Education: Psychology Second Teaching Field


Criminal Justice