Bachelor of Science, Physics

Bachelor of Science, Physics

Objective: To prepare students for graduate school or industry.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering

Requirements: 65 credits including 31 in physics.

CHEM2210. General Chemistry I (3); and,
      CHEM2210L. General Chemistry I Laboratory (1)
CHEM2220. General Chemistry II (3); and,
      CHEM2220L. General Chemistry II Laboratory (1)
CHEM3510. Thermodynamics and Kinetics (3)
MATH2510. Calculus I (4)
MATH2520. Calculus II (4)
MATH3240. Probability and Statistics I (3)
MATH3530. Vector Calculus (3)
MATH3540. Differential Equations (3)
MATH3560. Numerical Analysis (3)
PHIL3520. Philosophy of Science (3)
PHYS2110. Physics for Science and Engineering I (3); and,
      PHYS2110L. Physics for Science and Engineering I Laboratory (1)
PHYS2120. Physics for Science and Engineering II (3); and,
      PHYS2120L. Physics for Science and Engineering II Laboratory (1)
PHYS2310. Instrumentation in Experimental Physics I (1)
PHYS2320. Instrumentation in Experimental Physics II (1)
PHYS3130. Modern Physics (3); and,
      PHYS3130L. Modern Physics Laboratory (1)
PHYS3410. Analytic Mechanics (3)
PHYS4610. Electricity and Magnetism (3)
PHYS4710 Optics (3)
PHYS4720. Solid State Physics (3)
PHYS4810. Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (3)
*PHYS4970. Research (1)
**PHYS4980. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)

In addition the student must take the Physics Major Fields Examination in their last semester.

*A minimum of one credit is required, but a maximum of three credits in PHYS4970 will be allowed toward the major.

**PHYS4980 must be taken at Northwest Nazarene University