Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Administrator: Chair, Department of Nursing

Requirements for Admission to the Bachelor of Science, Nursing Program

  1. Submit an Application for Admission online to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. The deadline is March 1st at 5:00 pm.
  2. Earn a minimum grade of "C" and a cumulative GPA of 2.750 on a 4.0 scale in prerequisite courses listed below.
  3. Meet the designated requirements of a standardized entrance examination.
  4. Pass the designated background check.
  5. Meet health requirements.

Prerequisite Courses for Admission to the Bachelor of Science, Nursing Program.
(Minimum grade of C  required)

BIOL2010. Human Anatomy and Physiology I (3); and,

BIOL2010L. Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory (1)

BIOL2030. Human Anatomy and Physiology II (3); and,

BIOL2030L. Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory (1)

CHEM1210. Principles of Organic and Biochemistry (3); and,

CHEM1210L. Principles of Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory (1)

ENGL1030. University Writing and Research (3)

NURS2100. Medical Terminology (1)

PSYC1550. Introduction to Psychology (3)

SOGY1550. Introduction to Sociology (3)

(BIOL2010, BIOL2010L, BIOL2030, BIOL2030L must be completed within 5 years of admission to the Bachelor of Science Nursing program.)

The following courses are taken concurrently with the nursing program.
(Minimum grade of C  required)

BIOL2420. Microbiology (3); and,

BIOL2420L. Microbiology Laboratory (1)

BIOL3820. Pathophysiology (3)

KINE2730. Nutrition Across the Lifespan (2)

MATH2240. Elementary Statistics (3)

PSYC 2100. Lifespan Development (3)

(BIOL2420, BIOL2420L & BIOL3820 must be completed within 5 years of enrolling in the Bachelor of Science Nursing program.)

Nursing Courses
Minimum grade of "C" is required as a final grade in the nursing courses listed below.  Additionally, a 73.0% average on tests/examinations is required to pass each course.

NURS2000. Health Assessment of Family Health Nursing (3)

NURS2010. Theoretical Foundations of Professional Nursing (3)

NURS2030. Fundamentals of Family Health Nursing (5)

NURS3010. The Childbearing Family (4)

NURS3015. Pediatrics and the Family Unit (3)

NURS3020. Mental Health (3)

NURS3030. Medical Surgical Nursing:Acute and Chronic Health Needs (6)

NURS3040. Pharmacology (3)

NURS4000. Medical Surgical Nursing:Complex Health Needs (5)

NURS4010. Nursing of Diverse Populations in the Community (4)

NURS4020. Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (3)

NURS4030. Nursing Research (3)

NURS4040. Transition to Professional Nursing Practice/Capstone (4)

Refer to this catalog for the Standard General Education requirements.