Minor, Worship and Music Ministry

Minor, Worship and Music Ministry

Requirements: 25-26 credits

MUSC0900. Fundamentals of Music (2)

MUSC1200. Beginning Music Theory I (2)

MUSC1210. Beginning Music Theory Laboratory I (1)

MUSC1220. Beginning Music Theory II (3)

MUSC1230. Beginning Music Theory Laboratory II (1)

MUSC2096. Field Experience in Church Music (1)

MUSC2110. Introduction to Music Ministry and Leadership (1)

MUSC3200. Practicum in Worship Planning and Leadership (2)

MUSC3210. Orchestration (3)

MUSC3260. Music History: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque (3); or,

MUSC3270. Music History: Classic, Romantic and Modern (3)

MUSC3600. Basic Conducting (2)

MUSC4510. Music in Worship and Ministry (3)

MUSC4950A. Internship in Church Music (1-2) 

No less than three credits of applied music and/or ensemble credit (additional fee required for applied music) (3)