Minor, Music

Minor, Music

Requirements: 21-23 credits

MUSC0900. Fundamentals of Music (2)

MUSC1200. Beginning Music Theory I (2) 

MUSC1210. Beginning Music Theory Laboratory I (1)

MUSC1220. Beginning Music Theory II (3)

MUSC1230. Beginning Music Theory Laboratory II (1)

MUSC1310. Digital Music and Technology (3) 

MUSC3260. Music History: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque (3); or,

MUSC3270. Music History: Classic, Romantic and Modern (3)

 MUSC3600. Basic Conducting (2); or,

MUSC3610. Advanced Conducting (2)

Three credits in music numbered above 2999; not including ensembles or applied music (3)

No less than three credits of applied music and/or ensemble credit (additional fee required for applied music) (3)