Department of Music

Faculty: Barry Swanson (Department Chair), Casey Christopher, Walden Hughes, Judy Marlett, George Turner

Learning Objectives:  The objective of the music curriculum is to develop within students excellence in creating, performing, and appreciating music.  The program serves the total student body by providing ensembles, lessons, and courses, which are open to all students.  Also, the program makes available to the student body concerts and recitals throughout the year in the Swayne Auditorium and other auditoriums on campus. The program's course offerings provide the opportunity to:

  1. pursue careers in music (Creative Engagement and Academic Excellence);
  2. develop one’s perception of the intrinsic and aesthetic values within musical expression (Creative Engagement);
  3. understand the interrelatedness of music and Christian service (Christlike Character and Social Responsiveness);
  4. prepare for service in Church and community (Christlike Character and Social Responsiveness);
  5. relate music to life-long learning (Academic Excellence and Creative Engagement).


Bachelor of Arts, Music

Applied Emphasis
        Track I Piano
        Track II Voice
        Track III Instrumental
        Track IV Theory/Composition

Music Industry Emphasis

General Music Emphasis

Worship and Music Ministry Emphasis 

Music Education



Worship and Music Ministry