Minor, Computer Science

Minor, Computer Science

Objective: This program will give a student a background in the field of computer science.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Requirements: 23-24 credits, including 10 upper-division credits. Every student must complete the following:

COMP1220. Introduction to Computer Science (3)
COMP2220. Computer Programming in C++ (3); and,
      COMP2220L. Computer Programming in C++ Laboratory (1)

One course from:
      COMP2040. Introduction to Web Development (3); or,
      COMP2260. Event-Driven Programming (3); and,
            COMP2260L. Event-Driven Programming Laboratory (1)

COMP2750. Data Structures (3)
COMP3330. Database Design and Programming (3); and,
      COMP3330L. Database Design and Programming Laboratory (1)
COMP3370. Systems Analysis and Design (3)

One additional 3-credit COMP-prefixed course numbered 3000 or above