Minor, Professional Writing

Minor, Professional Writing

The minor provides students an introduction to the opportunities in print journalism. Students will learn the principles of professional writing and will have the opportunity to develop writing skills in a variety of creative modes. English majors will not be able to count English courses taken for their major.

Administrator: Chair, Department of English

Requirements: 21 credits of which 12 shall be above 2999

ENGL2610. Introduction to Journalism (3)
ENGL3020. Principles of Writing (3)
ENGL3040. Creative Writing - Prose (3)
ENGL3050. Creative Writing - Poetry (3)
ENGL3960. Internship in Professional Writing (3)

Two courses selected from:

COMM1420. Introduction to Public Relations (3)
COMM2250. Introduction to Scriptwriting (3)
COMM3250. Advanced Screenwriting (3)